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we are all computers, and sometimes we want to reboot.

also- please do not comment on my lack of capitalization. i did it on purpose. if you don't like it, that's alright :)

Submitted: August 25, 2007

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Submitted: August 25, 2007




rethink. are you sure? is it worth it? will you risk all the things you have won for the sake of what you don't have to lose?


i am wondering how many of you have lost yourselves. i wonder how many of you know where you are or who you are or what you're doing, and i wonder how many of you know that i don't care. you make your decisions, and those are yours. i don't want to see you on the news, wasted and bloody and arrested because you tried to drive home. i don't want you to get busted at your party.

please enter password.

is acceptance really worth it? so i was invited. does this mean something, does this mean anything? will it happen again? the status quo is broken, it needs to be fixed. i must remember that i knew this was coming. i must recall that it would always be the same. i was foolish to expect it to be different, and i am a good enough actress that i can pretend i am not surprised. i can join in the cheering, in the sweating and dancing and banter, and i can not feel a thing. it does not shock me.

loading personal settings.

i remember my morals. my mom tells me if i want to go, i should. i think of how i've told my mother these things and i recall that i am not just like everyone else. but if his hair is soft enough i'll let it go the way it will, if the clothes come off fairly easily then i've done what i can to prevent the inevitable. and if i never fall in love then what is the use in waiting? if the one thing i truly long for is denied to me, what is the point in being good? i am just a little unwell, try again later.

complete. you may now live your life.

it's an allowance. if i make it, i will want it again. it has proven true for so many things, and people i have loved i love still. that provides so many problems for me, and i don't know how to feel about that. i don't know what to do about that.


and i thought maybe if i kissed the way you do

you'd feel it too

he said 'i'm sorry...

so sorry.'

[maria mena]

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