wearing thin and giving in

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this is a piece i wrote about love, but it's a little more complicated than that. it's trying to decide if your love is good for the one it's for-- because in the end, isn't that the ultimate sacrifice? choosing to give up your love for someone if you know it's not good for them?

it's never an easy thing.

Submitted: December 15, 2007

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Submitted: December 15, 2007



if love is the thing

that hurts and heals

then i'll take it

and if pain is the thing

that i'm hesitant to feel

then i'll feel it

and if trust is the thing

that will break the seal

then i'll buy it

no matter what the cost


because i am a picture

with two different color schemes

all of them in gray

and soaked in hurt

and i am doing this for us

but i am writing this for me

i am feeling it for us

but i am crying just for me

and i am giving up for us

but i am giving in for me


i am split apart by roses

and early-morning notes

a witness to the fight between

sweet words and hidden hopes

what i wanted was a rest

what i started was a battle

and it's one that i'm fighting

with two hands behind my back

face emotionless and flat

for all but you to see


but you know that i am broken

in need of some repair

when i'm touching places in your heart

and running fingers through your hair

and learning that love is only

the art of wearing thin

the strength to let it go

the weakness to let it win

so for a moment there is calm

as i give up and let you in.

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