The ups and downs of living in the random society we live in.

"I dated all these girls and ended up not liking them and thought to myself, 'What was it that all of them had in common?' They had too much time on their hands. Even though they were pretty, they lacked something. A woman could be less attractive but with ambition and drive, that's the most beautiful thing." – Wale

You can be pretty and rule the world however you want. Or you can be pretty and be ruled instead. You can also be average and fix your look to become pretty in order to rule the world. But, you can also stay average and let the world rule you. These are the four choices we have from the time we kids. It's a lie if someone says they don't care how they look. We all do. Maybe some more than others but there is always a time when we looked at ourselves with judgment. But then again, those who don't do that often probably get compliments more often than rest. They are above average. Even if the average people themselves try to change their looks to become the vision that society wants, they're going to get criticized for amount of surgeries, perms, weaves, tanning, and other physical treatments they have received in order to enhance their look. Being natural seems so rare to find these days. So if there are any people out there who disagree with me so far, tell me what does society really want? Today watching Novella, you don't see much diversity in the Hispanics acting. The female Hispanics mostly have long silky hair with a white skin reflection. Hollywood puts a lot of pressure on these Hispanics and they end up having all these hair treatments, breast implants, and cosmetic surgeries to get the look that seems most appealing in order to be successful. The more appealing these looks are in order to get a big gig, the less they are relatable to us viewers. Ex: Afro Latinas/Latinos, plus size women, etc. To add on, there was a story on a beauty queen who won this beauty pageant who died during plastic surgery. She was getting liposuction even though she wasn’t overweight. Pestered by her doctors, the uneased beauty queen went along with it but unfortunately she ended up dieing cerebral edema. This poses the new question. Is it worth it being beautiful? Is all that pressure worth it. Celebrities face it all the time. Nicki Minaj's new wardrobe changes in every gig or video she does has earned her to become memorable but hated by people as well. Even when Taylor Swift tried to "shake off her haters," there were numerous Youtube complaints saying she needs a big booty. When J.LO showed off hers in her song called "Booty," the word “slut” was thrown at her. Some even feel insecure or hurt by the way others treat them. Well, they’re humans too. However, society is making them less human by promoting plastic surgery that takes away raw beauty. Sounds confusing doesn't? Some even feel insecure or hurt by the way others treat them. Well, they’re humans too but pretty not necessarily means physical looks alone. The quote at the start of this blog shows how much ambition and drive people want to look for. I know there are still people who look for these qualities, but in my opinion everything most likely will come down to looks. Is this entirely true? I don't know for sure because I’m still young and I might look back at this blog changing my opinion. Sometimes having the brains/personality vs the appearance can make a difference. Apparently Wale and so many people think so. His quote alone shows that people out there still look outside of beauty which is as rare as natural beauty itself. Personality is still an “it factor” that shines in Hollywood. One celebrity includes Jennifer Lawrence who is known to be nice to work with and that’s probably why she has what she has today. Does society naturally have to be physically structured or mentally structured? Like Beyonce said, " I woke up like this." If you feel  and you're happy this way, congrats. You and everyone else should feel that way. But I want to know if brains/personality vs beauty is the case for everyone.

Submitted: February 18, 2015

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great article that trancends the generations that come both before and after us.For instance those who work in television have a 'makeover" for some time before they go on "air" each day if necessary.Cosmetics have "enchanted" generations of women and there are "makeover" shops in many shopping centres here in australia that are RED HOT.Most of the names given to each tube of lipstick or blusher etc are really "sexual" and no matter where women are they are bombarded with "becoming sexualised" whether they like it or not.

Tue, September 5th, 2017 1:47pm

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