The things that teachers do that makes me want to sleep in the next day.

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. -Solomon Ortiz (Former U.S representative)


Teachers expect so much from you. They expect the best, fastest, strong minded side of you to come out when they are teaching the most boring lesson on balancing equations. Then, when you're so lost that your hand was in the air for fifteen minutes straight, they blame everything on you like you’re the villain. You were the one who wasn’t paying attention in class, you were the one daydreaming, you were the one who didn’t study, YAP,YAP, YAP!”Then, when there are no other teachers around, they open up that sailor’s mouth and let all out. Sometimes you just want to hide when they turn into the incredible hulk and lash out on other students. Most of the time I want to watch because that's my cup of tea (even though I hate tea except for Lipton’s) but you might not want to because you might actually be the target. From throwing erasers at students faces to humiliating them by cold calling them, teachers can be the worst. When I got into AP global, I knew I would complain and have a thousand all nighters. I was like hey I get college credit (less money for future classes.) But now that I’m in reality and actually thinking about AP as I’m typing now, I could die. There’s so much to remember from Latin America’s colonization of the Philippines to Genghis Khan erotic ways. My grades are usually about 50-75 when it comes to the test and quizzes. But looking at the reddit responses when students have no idea what to do makes me feel a lot better?.


And I hate it when they pile up work on your schedule that kills your grade at the end (This is my chemistry teacher now.) They say I should be on top of my work even when the deadline is like in two days. But when the rest of the class is also failing, are you still going to use that excuse of question your own teaching methods? The answer to him was that the students need to stop falling behind. To me, hardworking students who get good grades deserve the grades they get. Even when it’s a bad grade, I complain but brush it off at the end. Like the other day I had this trig quiz on logs and e ( math e). I left that room feeling completely confident I failed. I knew everything but as soon as I took that quiz, my mind went …………………………………………………………………………….

It hurts taking a test or a quiz and knowing the concept but failing it anyway. It hurts even more when you make a silly mistake. It hurts a lot when you put  the right answer but you then erase it because you think you’re wrong. It hurts a whole lot when the teachers give you that look that makes you feel dumb. Yes I’m talking about that “really” look. Then I hate when they sit you next to this person who isn’t doing so well in class for you to help them. When I say this person who isn’t doing well in class, I usually mean the type of people who just slack and can care less about the class itself. Next thing you know, BOOM. You are actually working oin a project with him/her. It makes me wish that too much snow will result in a snow day.


But despite, my rant, I actually sometimes love these open qualities about teachers. One selfish reason is that the more they are yapping in another student's ear, the more you can actually overhear and use that to your advantage on a test, homework, etc. Another reason (less selfish,) is that it prepares you for the real world. I hate getting what I get but I will be so much prepared for the work in college. I mean sometimes I want to slap them but other times I want to thank them for that push they have given me. I will admit that there are times when I barely study which is a habit I need to break. But in the meantime, ughhhhhhhhhhh.


Submitted: February 18, 2015

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