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A poem about the beautiful game in it all its glory. My first ever poem written when i was 12. Published in my school yearbook.

Submitted: May 22, 2014

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Submitted: May 22, 2014





Football is much more than a game

It is as story written by twenty-two people in a ninety minute time period

There are twists and turns

Heroes and villains

Joy and sorrow

The authors are experts at their trade

They write best sellers every week

Are paid endless riches

And keep their audience awed

The fans are the readers

Enraptured by the writers talents

To produce masterpieces worthy of da Vinci

The coaches are the editors Constantly tweaking the authors work

Adjusting the writers creativity and brilliance

And mending their mistakes

The managers are the publishers

Releasing the superb tales to the world

Making the authors internationally famous

And encouraging them with with feedback so well structured it could have been uttered from Martin Luther King's mouth

Football is the world's best novel

No other book can compete

Once you start you cannot put it down

Your eyes are glued to the pages

For football is my lifestyle

And football is my way


By Joseph Sothcott


© Copyright 2018 josephsothcott. All rights reserved.

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