Cigarette Smoke By Joseph D

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Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012




Reds depress while Menthols progress

the addiction that I feed on.

The antidote to the lingering desire left

over from you

Leads to more than the shame I caused

without knowing that

The victory will leave us

strangers to ourselves,

Whilst the defeat leaves us all none

the wiser.


That old addiction lingers, longing for

our hearts and souls to meet again

To reunite the bond forged at murder

between right and wrong.

To slowly kill the lives we lead, and

bring me back to the beginning.


Time heals all wounds save those that

hurt for just a tidbit

Of the wasted, winding road down which

the grave resides.


When at the gates to that end we

must be ready to take the path less


And begin to shape ourselves a new

person of sound advise

When handed out to the masses take

nothing for granted

From the elder or the younger,

Who will see again?


The flaws passed on from those

receding from the limelight

Like your hair receded from your head,

wafted down to choke us

Sneaking up from behind it takes us by

surprise only once.


Then turned us off to the issues of the

world that showed us no mercy

Though we only want for love we got


So why are you surprised to find the

finger pointing at you.


You who give us "only truth" but

haven't told us yet

Save for just a slap on the wrist now

and again

Warns those once shown the way

that it's not righteous

Too late.


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