Porcelain Queen By Joseph D

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Strangely enough, about my Father.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012




I'll make you into a porcelain doll

a meaningless gesture imitating life

wishing for an easier existence

waiting for a savior to lift you up

put you back on your feet, call you by your true name

tell you "you are something good."


Your world is of the underlings

naught but a key in the darkness

hides the prison from the fair

leading sheep into the slaughter

cutting them apart, just for your enjoyment

letting them sit to rot and mourn.


I see pictures in the broken images.

Created by the acts you commit

plummeting down into the ocean

humbled by your presence they bow

beneath your feet, you are callous enough

to let them be your floor instead of caring.


Your revolting subjects turn against you

pull you down to the murky bottom with them

liberation in the form of death leads them

knowing the outcome cannot be wonderful

life has already been stolen, death is a gift

to those whose lives you've ruined.


Therefor your castle falls away from the cliff

which separated you from the exasperated few

the guard is overwhelmed and excited for this momment

the fall of tyranny is the greatest fall to witness

your walls now your prison, yet they let you live

unlike what you do still to them.


Psychological torture is worse than most

punishments given for even stealing bread

the baker knew how to use a knife and used it well

the last of the morally superior die alone

they lose everything, yet you don't win

in the war for hate.


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