Under My Self-Loathing

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One of those "Love you, can't be with you" ones.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012




And there you are again

buried underneath

all my self-loathing.

I find myself

still thinking of you.


I may as well give in.

No matter how long

between the times we talk.

There's no use denying,

I'm more than a little into you.


Now all that I can hope

is that you'll be near me,

that I can tell you all 

that I've seen

in my dreams.


So I've come around,

to another beat of you

within my heart.

Blood pounding like the rain

upon my frightened soul.


Another week will pass

until I talk to you.

Maybe this time

you'll be

the smell before rain.

You're already the blood

in my viens.


With each breath

I cry your name,

but you might never hear

the things I have to say.

Let me break into your heart.

Know that I'll never stray.

And another week will pass

and we'll never know it's way.


So now listen close

as I say these words.

I never meant this

to be more than friends,

but that's just not the way

this story ends.

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