Vampiric Again

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This one hits close to home. It's for my Mom.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




Just because it's the way it used to be,

doesn't mean that's how it'll stay.

I remember yesterday,

knowing everything would be okay.

I recall the morning smokes

and learning to like artichokes.


I know all about the space this takes.

I'm just missing your voice,

consulting you on every choice,

and the memories we made that won't fade.

These times I would never trade,

except to end your tired tirade.

Maybe to know you'll be fine.

That you'll let the past go this time.


When I wake in the morning,

I don't want to have to worry for you,

as you once worried for me.

Is this the day I get the call?

Do I need to be on the next flight out?

Or will this one be your last bout?


It's hard to beat, these tendencies,

and I know yours all too well.

But I know our shared tenacity,

and the chance we have for recovery.


That we won't always be vempires.

That we will be again, as we were:

Driving 'cause we're bored as hell,

or camping on the bed,

talking like we're wishing wells.

I still need times like these,

we need to make more memories.


Don't push me away,

For Christ's sake! I'm your own kin,

and I share in our shared sins.

So, if you really, really are done,

and I know that the Bottom isn't fun,

but, if you really, really are done,

then stop, you don't need to run.


Face down your demons,

they have no real power.

Come out of your tower,

and let it come crashing down.

You're one of us,

and that never changes.

Somewhere there, while the storm still rages,

inside of you,

I can see the person I know best,

it's time to let her surface,

to not be vampric again.

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