The Transition

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this writing prompt is about a transition from being a mexican little boy to iligally crossing the border to meet his dad again.

Submitted: October 16, 2014

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Submitted: October 16, 2014



Birthplace and Family

I was born in Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico in the 3rd day of September of 1998. My family is composed of both of my parents, Adriana Morales and Jose Salazar. I wasn’t the first one to be born though, I have an older sister, unfortunately, her name is Adriana Salazar, she happens to be five years older than me. In the other hand I have a younger brother named Edgar Salazar. He is younger than me by three years. In Mexico I used to live in a small one floor house made by my dad and other family members. The house was the last one on the street but instead of leading to another street it lead to a forest area. I loved living in that house because I could go to my cousins’ house to the store in the corner or to visit my grandma just by walking down the block. My family wasn’t the richest family in the world, my mom worked cleaning houses and my dad was a security guard for H-E-B. We didn’t own a car, everywhere we had to go was riding the metro. My mom worked all day till around 8, that was when she went to the day care to pick me and my younger brother up, my dad in the other hand worked from some time in the day through the whole night.

School and Daycare

(The following school events are set in a 3rd grade level)

Growing up most of my time was spent in school and the day care since both of my parents had to work most of the day. In the morning my mom would wake me and my sister up for school. In Mexico is not like here in the United States, over there we didn’t have free transportation. Most if not all of the drivers had to get pay per month to take us to school and back. After riding the van to school because it wasn’t even a big bus it was just van that didn’t have normal seats like a van would it had a bench that went around the edges of the van and one on the middle. At 7:30 am school started. First we had to go to a basketball court we had in the middle of the school to sing the Mexican national anthem. This type of ceremony was made every single day. All the students and teachers gathered around four people that had the Mexican flag and something else I don’t remember. Those people would march around the middle of the court. When the people were ready we would sing the national anthem, not a short made version done for school but the whole thing, the real deal. After singing the national anthem we went straight to class. The classes weren’t in a schedule based type of thing it was just the simple core subjects, math, reading/writing and physical education. First I had physical education there we did the basics of physical activities. We used to just run around the school and do a certain exercise in a checkpoint like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. After we had the physical education class we were off to the math. In math I remember working simple adding and subtracting it was 3rd grade after all. There I met this little girl named veronica. Veronica was the type of girl that if she got a 6 on her work she would cry because she did bad, she was usually a super smart student. I always wondered if she would get whooped by her parents for having a bad grade because the way she would get was surprising. As in any other school there was also those ones that were not so smart, to put it in a nice way. There was this guy named Carlos, that kid looked talk and smelled mentally retarded. In class he would do super dumb things and try to get peoples’ attention, not only I didn’t like that boy because he was always doing dumb things but because he went for the opposite team as mines. After the math class we had recess/lunch. During that period we had to buy our lunch. It didn’t matter if your parents did a lot of money or just a little. There was a little house type of thing that sell the food. The house sold tacos burritos quesadillas coke water Gatorade and candy. The food was alright not the best thing the food would get so expensive since my sister and I went to the same school so I most of the time had to bring lunch from home. The things my mom would pack me up sometimes wouldn’t even make sense but I had to eat them because I had no other choice. After getting our lunch or eating the home made food my two only friends and I would play touch with an aluminum foil shaped into a ball. One of my friend was called Arturo and the other one was Brain. We would pass most of our time playing that game. Another thing we used to play was with marbles in the dirt. Next to the basketball court there was a garden type of place where we played with the marbles. The group of people would get so big just by playing marbles. We used to play in a way that if you lost then you lost your marble too. I was so good at the game that I had bottles of what are so called “Mexican coke” full of marbles. At the end of recess I had writing/reading. There was usually easy stuff like the ACBs and simple words about the colors and stuff like that. School ended at 12:30 pm which was really fast compared to here where you get out at 3:00 or sometimes even at 4:00 pm.

After school the school van would take me to the day care place while my sister went to work at a food store as a bag person. My brother would already be there since he didn’t go to school yet. There would be two ladies that took care of the kids. One had red hair and two kids of her own. The other lady was a blonde hair lady she was the nice one. They both took care of the kids in the day care. One day my mother bought me and my brother some tamales to eat. The tamales were supposed to be given to us at the time of lunch in the day care. The time finally came and the ladies did not give my brother nor me any of the tamales. At the moment I didn’t think nothing of it but now I get mad because I realized I could of ate some good tamales but I ended up eating a milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In the day care place we would have time for naps, food, and playing outside. Most of the things I remember happening in the day care was taking naps. Taking naps have never been my thing, I’m more of a vigorous person. During the times of naps I could not sleep so I would just walk around the area not bothering no other kid just minding my own business. The thing the ladies did to make the kids fall asleep was massage their eyebrows and hopefully they should fall asleep. A year later I ended up moving north to the United States of America.

The New Life

When I was eight years old my father came to the US following what has always been the American dream. Everybody else but my dad stayed with my mother. She kept cleaning houses and doing the things as normal. My dad to keep in touch called every night, it had been so long that I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he cooked. I asked him how he went around and he told me he drove around in a van and I thought that was awesome. It was 1 year till my mom decided to leave mexico. The transition from mexico to the US was quite difficult. First we had to find the way to get here but the lawful way took too long so my mom decided the easy way. After my dad came to the US i was the next person to come. My mom had found out a way to go that took less time and it was cheaper. One of our neighbors was legal in this country and she lived here. What we did was that my mom left me with those people to bring me here. That day the people picked me up in a place somewhere in the city I'm not quite sure where. There the people took me to the actual Mexican and United States. The people told me to go to the way back of the truck. The way it happen was nothing like it happens in the movies. I didint have to go to a place where i was really hot or anything i was just laying in the back. After crossing the boarder we went to a food store like if nothing had happen. i remember them buying me a gatorade and a bag of cheetos and we still had a little more time to get to their house. We got to their house and there was some other people which was their family members. Their house was a bit small but they had a big back yard with a trampoline and really big to do whatever you felt like doing. At fist i felt shy of doing things in her house but as time passed i felt more close to them. i likeld that my dad called the family everyday to see how i was doing. Meanwhile my mom, brother, and sister were trying to cross their own way. They tried crossing walking through there. Their goal was to get to a church that was close by and the cops couldnt go in there, but it all failed. My mom and two siblings got caught and taken to a jail place. They were there for a few days. "They had us in super cold rooms where we were at." my mom said. Through at this time i was still with that one family in the US. Since my mom and siblings werent able to cross my mom told the family to take me back. The family didint want to take me back with my mom for some reason. I stayed with the family for a longer time they just acted like if nothing was happening.  Days later the family finally took me back to mexico. I remember going back to the streets where I had been all my life, I saw one of my aunts and ran to her to hug her. I think ive never felt happier.

New Try

6 months had passed since the failed attempt for my siblings and mother to get to the US. We had to try another way of crossing that ended up being the same way but slicker. In my same neighberhood there was some other lady that knew people that could help us. The lady contacted us with some other people that could help us but it was going to cost money. At this point of time my mother didn’t care any more all she wanted was to come here to reunite with my dad. The way these other people did it was different. The first day we went to a house with many other people that were trying to do the same thing as we were. We were in that house for around 3 days. There we would wake up and everybody would contribute to make food for all of us. After the 3 days we went to the actual border to cross. I remember my mother and sibling walking with me and a bigger group of people in some field. Every time the people would hear or  see the migration officers they would tell us to hide. We continued walking for a while till we got to a guy in a van. They picked us up and took us to some appartments. The next day they took my brother and me to some persons house. There they cut our hair to look like the woman’s kids. That same night they drove us to some place where there was cops. At that moment the lady told us to go to sleep so the cops wouldn’t say anything and so we did. Finally we fully crossed to the US. We went to a hotel and spent the night there. The next morning some man drove my brother and me to a place to meet my aunt. I didn’t know my aunt at that moment since it was my first time seeing them. My mom and sister took a bit longer to get here but they also made it. Since we didn’t have a house we ended living in my aunt’s house.

Life Again

The time that we got here was close to August so we had to go to school so we didn’t get behind. Not like in Mexico school was longer here. I went to school everyday scared because I didn’t know what was gonna happen that day. At that time I didn’t speak english so school was complicated. Most of my day now was just at school and afterwards I stayed in my aunts house. Life changed a lot for me compared to how I was. My parents have better opportunies and make more money compared to what they made overthere. Now that im in the US I feel my life more complete like if I was suppose to be here. 

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