Foggy Mirror

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You're never alone.

Submitted: February 16, 2014

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Submitted: February 16, 2014



The mirror filmed over with fog looks reproachfully at the young man staring back at him

The young man looks strangely at the fog clouding the glass
For a moment they connect
They both know who the other is and why they're so altered

The fog on the mirror is explainable
While the fog on the young man's soul is not

'Why have you come here?' asks the fog and dancing condensation
Inside the boy is taken aback, but on the outside he's comforted
For he has someone to confide in
Something he has not a home or school

'I want to fit in. So much.' the young man says, in his cut-off Ramones shirt and leather jacket

As the young man makes a last ditch effort to confide,
The drops of condensation start to fall
And make streaks on the glass
Slowly the fog starts to melt in unison

The young man wonders where it's off to, but was expecting it from the start
The fog melted away much like the others
Unwilling to hear his complaints
The young man walks away foggy-hearted
Alone yet again

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