Hey i wrote this little poem in litrally two minutes,
for my girlfriend because i was bored so yeah rwsd it if you want, it made her cry :)


The shadow of love.
oh my love
my pretty angel lays in slumber, I wish i could wake her with a gentle kiss.
My warm moist breath expelled from tired lungs, would condence on her petulant cheeks,
Her cheeks turn red like a rose in bloom.
Yet still she lays with such divine beuty, such beauty that makes a man qeustion god, Only an almighty could create such perfection.
Yet, perfection in my eyes; The eye's god gave me to see her through, transmiting to my brain and elating my body.
If i could hold her in my arms for just one night, Id' die a happy man, eternal peace i shalt' be granted.
But to die tonight and leave her, alone in a world so cold would not be fair.
The yoke of love is one i must carry, and carry with pride.
such acts of love I cant forth go, but can portray with only words.
Words are so small and meaningless compared to such power, the love between man and woman.
And such power I am only dwindling within the shadow of it, and O' how joyus it is,
One cannot even dream of how it must be, to embrace my lover, day to day.
I will, i hope; fate will decide our destiny however,
But if in such fate a star is born and life doth grow open this rock.
Then we have hope.
Then her eye's did open,
and she did araise.
Josh Bloom.

Submitted: May 17, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Josh In love. All rights reserved.

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