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Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012




No one ever thinks to look to look deeper than the surface...


I'm white so I’m a racist, right?

I'm white so I don’t care, right?

I'm white so I have money, right?


Wait what did you say say?

Now I'm a dick just cause I have one?

That right all guys are...right?

Its time for this blind hate to be done!


I'm adopted so I'm an orphan, right?

All my life I heard, “no one loves you Josh!”

You don't know my story you don’t even know whats right!

All the people just …..oh my gosh


Now later in life I’m 17 and wait, what?

Now I'm gay because my pants are too tight and my hair is too nice?

Just keep judging its gotta be right...


But hey I can take the names

I can take the hate

But its not just me

We gotta stop this it's not too late


What about little Akian


his “allies” telling him hes worthless

do they think they are playing sick games?


Or think about Trayvon

Hes black so hes a gangster right?

He probably kills people every single night!

He walks by with his hoody up....



How about the girl who smiles and laughs

every day she goes to school with a fake smile

but her life is not full its barely half

every night she goes home and the mirror tell her shes worthless

she eats three meals a week to be “perfect”

she cuts and cries and wants to die

but guess what shes beautiful...but no one stops to tell her

will she wake up tomorrow and do it all again?


What about the guy who's in the closet?

No one know he likes guys

his dad would beat him even more if he found that out

he has to hide his feelings

but hiding is not the answer

he cant live the life he wants

so he points a gun to his head


what about you?

Whats your story?

We all have our problems

but we can all help each other.



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