When it comes to Blood and Family.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

For private viewing.

Table of Contents


Prologue.   A wind swept across the tops of the trees, dark blue moonlight through the clouds of New York making the usually... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Chapter One. “Ka-chow!” Casting a glance over the quiet street, houses in their usual state of ordinary, Brayden casually walked ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two.   Doing his best to keep under the shelter of covered pathways from the pelting rain, Brayden made his way thro... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three.   Flowers. A random selection ‘borrowed’ from an old woman Brayden rather despised, but after explaining ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four.   “Brady!” Gabriel hugged him tightly, burying her face in his shoulder. “I heard your house blew up... ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five.   An endless void of darkness. Or was it nothingness? He couldn’t tell. This wasn’t what he imagined death... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six.   Three years... Three stinkin’ years in this hellhole I used to call home. Celebrated my 20th last week, not... Read Chapter