Diary Of A Time Traveler

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This diary contains the over 40 ramblings of a dreamer.

A short glimpse at a time traveler's Life.

Some would describe this as a dark-romance, others would describe it as ... well lets not ruin the story.

NOTE: there is also an associated explanation document that explains the underlying ideas, page by page.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



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Diary of a Time-Traveller

By Joshua Boyde 2010

NOTE: The following is the text from the visual book.

This diary contains the over 40 ramblings ofa dreamer… A Short Glimpse At A Time Traveler’s Life …

What is this hand?

What is this light?

What are these five fingers stretched out in the night?

To yet again wake up to another morning in this townhouse in the burbs.

It is still dark outside but in a few hours I will be battling my way to work... in that dead end job.Somehow my career has grind to an inglorious halt.Once I was a shining star but now I have faded into a middle management position with a corner view of the human-ants scurrying around in the city below.

Err gees, not again... my head hurts. Was it too much bourbon?

Oh, I forget I don’t drink, or so I think.

Yes, it is another day of paradise in myself imposed purgatory.

She was there again in my head.I was so close to catching her this time. But here I now sit alone in the dark at the side of this double bed.The memories of her quickly fade, is it not sad how dreams can feel so real, yet within moments of waking they drift away.

It is raining again...

But it always rains, though never enough to do any good.

Ah well time to get up and face another day.

I now find myself in my mid forties.

Gee that is old.

No correct that... I feel old.

Life has not turned out the way that I expected it to.Yet along the way somehow I have managed to tick-off all of the boxes on my parents’ list of expectations.I have been there, done that; stayed off drugs, stayed out of jail, graduated from university, got a job, got married, bought a house, had a kid, had a life.But somehow I lost it all.

It does not matter, as I feel I lost something more.Something that was once more important than life itself.

I managed to catch the dream this time.We were standing there in the foyer of an old picture theater.

Scratch that, we were standing in the foyer of one of those mass-produced movie theaters in a suburban shopping centre.

You know the ones with the purple carpet, and the mood lighting that hides the confectionary use-by dates.The ones where you pay an absorbent price for drinks plus pop-corn, and where a night’s entertainment for two people costs half a day’s pay.

We were standing there.She was so young, so beautiful, just as I remember her from years before.Her smooth black hair, her smooth brown skin, her tiny youthful shape, her --- …

Naomi was the light of my life.

Where did I lose her?

We were talking about something.No, they were arguing about something.I can see, time floating around them.

Gee, I was a lot older than her, I had already started to lose the fight against that thirties bulge.

Where did my life go ?

In a flash it was all gone... People were quietly standing on the train.All these people yet not a word spoken, accept for those annoying young school-girls sitting at the end of the carriage yapping on about some “twilight” dreamy-guy.It is still drizzling against the window.

All these sheep, I could fall asleep.These escalators should have pillows.

“Bacon and egg muffin please”... Hay, how much did I give her?

Is this correct?

Did I remember to take my tablets this morning?

I am too tired for this shit.

I don’t like Mondays, or whatever bloody day this is.

The elevator doors slowly creaks open.

Oh great, another day of elevator Russian-roulette.I wish they would fix these dam suicide machines.

Oh great my boss is inside.Now remember let’s be societable.

“Good morning Nigel” …

“Yes, I will email you that report first thing this morning.”…

Hmm, well look who else is in this elevator. Cynthia looks so hot. Gee to be 22 again. I would not mind…

Finally!!! The tenth floor; finance, HR, IT, and room 101 where hope resides no more.

Ah god, I am so tired.

Where did I put my coffee?

Life doesn’t start until I have my first coffee.

There should be an addiction warning on this stuff.


Heaven in a cup

“You’ve got new mail”

Oh great, so much for eating my breakfast in peace.

-Why are these Power Point's so boring?

-Doesn’t he know what he is talking about?

-Why does he have so much crap per slide?

-Yes, Nigel a flashy scroll over really makes your point clear...NOT.

- How does a jerk like this make it to a quarter of a million paying job?

- What is it with this company; why does the ‘yes-men’ mediocrity float to the top?

- What is the point of all of these meetings?

- At least have a god dam agenda for these meetings you jerk!!!

So much said yet nothing is ever achieved by these meetings,

And we all know that a half-arsed decision will end up being made by the star-chamber group downstairs in the café over a latte.

SIGH ...

Shade to gray.

Naomi just smiled at me in my head.She had a smile that lit up my day.Then again she always smiled at me that way.

Note to self, better stop smiling into space... They will think I am crazy.

What is this hand?

What is this light?

What are these five fingers stretched out before me?

What is this shoe doing in my face?

This brown carpet really needs a good cleaning.

“Are you all right?”… “Someone call NS!”

Hmm, I would feel much better if you got your knee off my ankle.

“Now, Mr. Smythe given that you said that you have not been sleeping well then what we might have here is a simple case of fainting due to being over tired or as a result of stress. But”

Oh great, a BUT.

Does this doctor not realize that anything he said before the ‘BUT’ is automatically obliterated by what is said after the ‘BUT’.

“Mr. Smythe, I don’t wish to alarm you. But”

What is it with this doctor and his frucken BUTs?

“I think that what you might have had was a micro-stroke.We have the results of your last week’s blood tests and well…”

Oh great, a long PAUSE.

Does this doctor realize that everyone hates those long suspenseful pauses into a commercial break before you find out whether the sucker has won or lost the prize.

How financially safe would your family be if you past away today?

Did you realize that over 80 percent of males’ age 35 to 55 have no form of life insurance?

FRUCK-OFF Eddie!!! go sell your shit somewhere else.

“Well Mr. Smythe, your triglycerides count is off the chart and your cholesterol; well we have to do something about that.”

“Mr. Smythe, we have to change your diet and get you to lose twenty kilograms”.

What is this WE shit; it is not him who is going to have to eat rabbit food!!

“Sign here Mr. Smythe.”

How come it takes me several minutes to hours to accurately diagnose the cause of networking issues at work, yet a medical-centre doctor can process you through in under five minutes.

What a scam... Quack.

What is this hand?

What is this light?

Why are these People packed in so tight?

The train is packed as usual.At least they give out free newspapers.

But I suppose these are only diversions to distract us from the simple fact that the trains are overcrowded day after day.

Irrespective of whether there is a big media campaign about how they are improving services for us so as to improve the state’s productive.

What is this crap...

A communist five-year plan masquerading as marketing speak?

Why do we go to work in the dark, yet work inside while it is sunny, then go home again in the dark?

Oh great, it is raining.

Err brilliant, I left my umbrella at work again.

There now must be enough there to start a two dollar shop.

Why does it seem to always rain when I forget my umbrella?

DING of another tasty microwave meal.

What type is it tonight? Hmmm ‘cheese & cracked pepper chicken with pasta’... I suppose it is better than ‘thai red chicken curry with rice’.

Oh, and look 97% fat free*, my doctor will be pleased.Though I wonder what the asterisk means? I should probably look that up sometime.

BUZZ at the door.

Oh, I guess she is home.Why can’t she use her own bloody keys?

I bet she forgot to check the mail box.

Mental note; I better check for mail when I take the rubbish out.

Ah gees, I bet I will cop an earful for forgetting to take it out yesterday, better do it now.

Ah shit, can’t she tie up her bathroom waste bag before throwing it in the main rubbish bin?

KISS... “hi dear, how was your day?”

Let’s see; ten, nine, eight, seven... Oh yes here it comes; the systems were down again today.

Oh yes, Margaret was her usual bitchy self.

Maybe I should introduce Margaret to Nigel and they could produce incompetent numbers together.

How did I end up here?

BLARR, BLARR, BLARR...Does she even realize that I aint even listening.

CLICK... Oh cool, Top Gear is on, wonder what the guys are up to tonight.I bet Clarkson will be a total dick as usual.


NO SIGNAL... Oh great, one storm and the digital TV picture is screwed as usual.

It is going to be a real pity when they shutdown the analog signals.

Hay, the boys are back and even better in HD; yes.

BLARR, BLARR, BLARR.. from the bedroom.

“Okay I will do it tomorrow, good night dear,

I will be up for just a

little while longer”.

Did I just say that or think it?I better go check on her.


What is this hand?

What is this light?

What is this crap on TV tonight?

CLICK... hmm, Guy Pearce is talking to some wraith-like vampire.

“We all have our time machines.Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

CLICK... Oh cool, Blade Runner.

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the Shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in the rain... time to die”.

Ah bugger, it is almost over and I really wanted to watch that.

Are well, it is time to sleep.Better have a shower first.


What is this hand?

What is this light?

Why is this bathroom so much like the one in my old townhouse?

PLOP... So what is in today’s paper?

Oh, I see our troops will be out by this time next year, but this war will take at least five more years.

FLIP... Hmm; interest rates are up, jobs are down; some executive just got an obscene bonus... Hmm, so situation normal then.


FLIP... Gees, she has marked the stars again; what is it with chicks and their stars, they definitely are from Venus.

FLIP... I see the price of mercury is on the rise.

FLIP... Hmm, a townhouse in Marsfield just sold for 520 grand.Gee, I remember ten years ago when we bought one for half that price.

WIPE... Oh great; blood on the toilet paper again, maybe I should go talk to the doctor about that, tomorrow maybe...NOT


Oh great; she has used up all of the hot water again.Come on; how much water does this Nubian actually need? She is only oh so tall.

Oh great; guess I am sleeping against the wall.

So that ends one perfect day.


What is this hand?

What is this light?

What are these five fingers stretched out in the night?

Why do you Naomi only appear in my head?

Good night my time traveler.

Sleep well and dream of me.

Your loving wife, Naomi

P.S. you forgot to take the rubbish out… again.

© Copyright 2020 joshua boyde. All rights reserved.

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