Outside Walk

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Just a walk around my grandparents yard.

Submitted: October 12, 2014

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Submitted: October 12, 2014



Outside Walk: By Joshua Lundquest


An outside brimming with green

and spotted colors throughout like a

Christmas tree named nature.

Plant life was bountiful red tomatoes attached

to vines inside a nearby garden with man insects eating few them inside out,


And giving them a rotted décor

and many other tomatoes strewn around the yard.

There were baby trees barely taller than me with

skinny bodies giving me this sensation that can only be described as being young.


With Among all these were nearby farmland with bean plants that stand tall

and straight with little fuzzies that engulf around the plant

and stems that look stiff as twigs.

And most interesting was a tall tree.


The tree was brown,

and fairly plain but had sharp, pointy pricklies all over.

They looked sharp enough to draw blood which the thought of made my hands feel clammy.

Lastly it seemed there was a burial ground for all trimmed

and fallen plants, trees, and bushes in the form a burn pit that was filled with ash piled under fresh, and green cut tree limbs, and branches.


Giving that circle of life feel of an ending.

© Copyright 2019 Joshua Lundquest. All rights reserved.

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