Resident Evil: Twin Plagas

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Ark Thompson (Resident Evil: Survivor) finds himself helping Kevin Ryman (Resident Evil Outbreak) on a mission investigating the Umbrella facility in the island next to Sheena island, it's sibling island. While there they encounter a mysterious cult filled with dangerous dark hooded activists. After surviving an encounter and escaping Ark finds himself plunged back into a familiar nightmare, one not too different from Sheena.

Submitted: August 22, 2015

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Submitted: August 22, 2015



Resident Evil: Twin Plague


Enter the world of survival horror...

Shortly after the ruin of Raccoon City due to a missile strike, a private investigator by the name of Ark Thompson went to investigate Umbrella activities at Sheena Island at the request of his friend as well as partner Leon S. Kennedy. While there he underwent his investigation by infiltrating under the guise of Vincent Goldman, who’s the head of the Umbrella facility on Sheena Island. He was able to do so thanks to Vincent Goldman’s lack of social presence. Eventually Vincent found out and following that Ark lost his memories, the Island was overrun by the T-Virus, and Ark spent his time on the island trying to remember who he is and save two resident children Lott, and Lily Klein. This is the aftermath.

The wind blew furiously outside the Cobalt County police station, just ten miles from Sheena Island. The city resides on the southern tip of Florida. Sitting outside the police chief’s room were two children. They were Lott and Lily. They sat there holding hands with Lily resting up against Lott’s shoulders. The two of them both jump as a huge burst of laughter echoes from the chief’s room.

“Hahaha, you don’t really expect me to believe that nonsense do you?!” The police chief says with a smoking cigar placed firmly between his middle and index fingers.

“But it’s true! What about Raccoon City!? You must have surely heard by now about that!” Ark screamed back at him.

“Of course I heard! The news wouldn’t shut up about for the longest time. But there’s no way in hell they were telling the truth. It was a cover up!”

“A cover up for what?!”

“Now if I’d known that it wouldn’t have been a very good one would it!?”

Ark was getting frustrated. All he wanted the chief to do was fly ten miles out with him to investigate. There was sure to be a few undead still straddling about. But that was out of the chief’s jurisdiction, and he wasn’t going to go all the way out there with his dick in his hand for a possible hoax. On top of that it’s possible nobody will ever discover Sheena Island. It was mostly self-governed (despite still being a part of the U.S.) and can’t be found on U.S. maps.

“As for the kids we will find a suitable home for them, a nice family. You may want to say your goodbyes to them.” The chief told him.

“Are you seriously going to ignore the possibility of the evils present on that island?”

“Listen young man. I have been in the force a long time. Your story isn’t the first B movie dribble I’ve ever heard on the force. Now I don’t just ignore those calls but they always turn up as just another farce. On top of that Sheena Island is out of my jurisdiction. If you want to be taken seriously with your story go to Kevin’s department.”

“Kevin’s department?”

“Kevin Ryman, a Raccoon City “survivor”… BOO! Haha, he’ll take you seriously though I don’t know how much he’ll actually be able help that drunk. He’s down the hall to the left, then go down past the nurses’ office and take another left. Go straight down next to the back exit and there you’ll find Kevin’s department, but most here just think of it as what used to be the first janitorial closet.”

“Yeah… well thanks for your time.” Ark said somewhat sincerely yet with a since of bitterness whilst exiting abruptly.

Outside the office doors where Lott and Lily are sitting Ark meets them for his final goodbye. They stand up to meet him too. They were hugging him to comfort him, hearing the whole conversation between him and the chief. And truthfully they needed the comfort of Ark more than Ark needed the comfort of them.

“What’s going to happen to happen to us now?” Lily asked.

“Didn’t you hear? They’re going to find us a new family!” Lott told her somewhat disappointed.

“Now, now Lott. No need to get upset. Besides isn’t this good?”

“NO! It isn’t good Ark! I want to go with you! I want to make the people who did this to me and my sister pay! The people who did this to my parents!”

“Lott stop.” Lily asked quietly.

“Those monsters won’t go unpunished! I… I will.”

“Lott.” Lily said tugging on Lott’s shirt lightly.

“I will kill them!”

“Lott!” Ark now said as Lott jumped. “Look at your sister.”

Lott did just that as his eyes opened in surprise. She was crying and he didn’t even noticed. Like she was pushed from his mind. She felt abandoned just now when she was crying right next to him. He had always come running to her rescue when she cried whether he was nearby or not. Now he was right next to her and didn’t even notice.

“I-I’m sorry Lil.” Lott told Lily. Ark then knelt down to talk to them.

“Listen Lott. You can never come with me. Not as long as you have your sister to take care of… she needs you. Now about the island, you should never mention the virus to anyone, never the zombies to anyone. That would destroy your social lives. Just get adopted, and enjoy your lives.” Ark recommended.

He gave Lily a hug, and though Lott was now ignoring him, upset that Ark won’t take them with him Ark still rubbed his hand through Lott’s hair. Ark then explained that he had to go. Also that they’d be staying with the chief and his wife before they found a home. Ark started walking along to Kevin’s office.

“Goodbye Ark!” Lily said somewhat sadly as Ark turned around to wave for a second. And just like that he was gone, out of the kids’ lives.

Ark went exactly where the chief said Kevin would be. Down the hall to the left past the nurses’ office then take another left and go all the way down. Well Ark was there, and he stood in front of the door. The door read Z.A.D. Zombie. Activity. Department. It was a bit over the top but Ark knew there were zombies in Raccoon City and the chief had no reason to lie about Kevin. Ark proceeded to knock on the door. No answer, Ark knocked again, and still no answer.

Ark was willing to give up but he could hear something. When he listened closely he could hear classical music playing oddly quietly. It was like the music was resonating from a pair of headphones. Ark opened the door and there sitting back asleep in his chair was a man with long black hair, and a thick black beard. The room was narrow but nonetheless Kevin looked comfy.

“Well these first impressions aren’t great.” Ark said quietly and awfully humorously.

Ark walked up to Kevin’s desk. “Kevin Ryman?” Ark asked. After asking a few more times Ark finally just kicked the desk with his hands tucked in the pockets of his green jacket.

“Uh… I’m up sir!” Kevin said with a slurred voice, and blurred vision.

He got his feet off his desk, and took off his headphones. Kevin started wiping his eyes. Ark just standing there waiting for Kevin to gain his bearings starts tapping his foot. It was only then Ark noticed the half empty bottle of whiskey on the table, and the several fully empty bottles in the trash bin.

“Well this is just some good shit!” Ark said sarcastically.

“You aren’t the chief…. Who are you?” Kevin asked.

“Names Ark Thompson. I was just talking to your police chief about taking a ride down to Sheena Island but he wasn’t taking me seriously. Told me to talk to you. And you know what, I am starting to understand why I wasn’t taken so seriously.”

“Wait, you were in Sheena Island?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah that is what I said.”

Kevin jumped out of his chair whilst wobbling trying to stay up. He grabbed a few files from his cabinet that Ark noticed said Sheena Island in the corner. This intrigued Ark a little. He saw Kevin grab his jacket as Kevin threw his car keys to Ark. Ark looked at the keys for just a split second.

“What are these keys for?”

“My car, feel like a bite to eat? I’m too drunk to drive.” Kevin said.

“But I am here to discuss business.” Ark said as Kevin flashed the files.

“That’s exactly what we are doing.”

Sitting inside a diner Kevin moaned as he bit into a cheeseburger. The grease poured out the back with each bite which grossed Ark out just a little. Ark tried to ignore it and took another bite of his BLT. Kevin swallowed then left two bites on the plate. He then pulled the files out of his bag and pushed them toward Ark.

“So let’s talk a bit about Sheena, shall we?” Kevin asked.

“You really sure we should talk about this here? In the middle of a diner?”

“Never mind that. I’m considered a local crazy here in Cobalt anyways. I need to know. What’s Sheena like? How far in is Umbrella enveloped in that little place huh? Burrowed deep?”

“Not at all actually.”

“What? But I’ve been keeping tabs on the place.”

“The Umbrella facility there is destroyed. There is absolutely no possible chance proving Umbrella had any involvement. That would be true though it doesn’t seem like anybody is even willing to investigate so far.”

“Oh my god. The place is gone? How?” Kevin asked.

“It was Vincent Goldman. You know him?”

“Yeah, I do. I was kind of keeping tabs on him.”

“He felt threatened by a few things including my presence there. So he unleashed the T-Virus upon Sheena and its inhabitants were killed and morphed. I had a hell of a time getting out of there. The Umbrella facility was later set to self-destruct.” Ark said as Kevin sat back.

“Spencer’s Mansion, The destruction of Raccoon City, and the Sheena research facility. Man… Umbrella really gets off from a big explosion don’t they? Seems they have a big explosion in their pants from it.” Kevin said with Ark cracking a faint smile. “What were you doing on Sheena Island?” Kevin then asked.

“I was asked to investigate Umbrellas activities there from a friend. Leon S. Kennedy.”

“Leon S. Kennedy… That sounds familiar.” Kevin thought as he stroked his beard. “I remember now! Leon was joining the R.P.D. the day of the outbreak. We were going to throw him a welcoming party that night. I was at the bar throwing a few back before the party. You see we were not going to allow drinking at the party so I wanted to get a little of that in elsewhere. So that kid survived huh. Good for him.”

“He did more than just survive Kevin. He is now working for the U.S. federal government and on top of that he is investigating Umbrella of his own free will.” Ark told.

“Ah, that’s interesting. Just like me.” Kevin said as he took a sip of cola.

Ark looked at Kevin and shook his head. He sized Kevin up and Kevin basically looks like a drunken slob who has let himself go. Ark almost feels uncomfortable comparing the two. “Not exactly…” Ark says.

“So what all did you discover while there?”

“I’m not willing to discuss that. That info is only for my friend Leon.”

“Okay, well let me narrow it down a bit. While you were on the island, what did you learn of the black hoods on Patty Island a few miles away from Sheena? Has that struggle been resolved yet?” Kevin asked Ark.

“What!? What black hoods!?” Ark asked in confusion.

“I see… You don’t know about that do you?” Kevin said as Ark just looked at him expecting him to continue. Kevin smiled.

“Well looky here. You want me to tell you what I know yet you won’t tell me anything about your investigation.” Kevin says sipping his cola again. Ark then grunts and prepares to tell Kevin everything he knows about Sheena Island.

“Don’t worry about it Sherlock, I was just kidding. I’ll tell ya what I know. But it’ll cost ya.” Kevin tells him.

“What do you need?” Ark asked him.

“What I need sir is your cooperation.”

“My cooperation? What sort of cooperation?”

“I need a partner to put it bluntly. I need someone to go to Patty Island with me. You see, Patty Island is and extension to the Sheena Umbrella facility. The only difference being that Sheena doubled as a city while Patty Island is only half the size of Sheena but it is all umbrella inside and out.”

“You have to be kidding me right? Why don’t you grab some other cops to go with you?”

“Did you even see my so called office? I’m the only one in that department and nobody takes me seriously. You know how many people I’ve seen regarding Umbrella or Raccoon City? Two people… You, and some blonde broad. And honestly I don’t think she took me seriously either, probably approached me as a joke. Hell my whole job has become a joke and a nightmare ever since I made a big deal about zombies in Raccoon City! Yet the mayor continues to fund my little department.” Ark sat there as Kevin begged, whined, and complained. He finally broke down and said yes.

“I will do it. But only because I take this whole situation very seriously. It could be do or die if people don’t step up.” Ark said.

“Exactly!” Kevin said pointing his finger at Ark. “Could you even imagine if the T-Virus were to spread globally!? It’d be a disaster. Hell! Raccoon City, and the Mansion incident were already disasters. Every time too someone laughs at me I don’t get pissed at them. I get pissed at myself for the way I laughed at S.T.A.R.S. for believing in zombies, and monsters. This could be my shot to redeeming myself! And you are going to help me!” Kevin said.

“Hold on cowboy. First tell me about these black hoods. Also we aren’t going till tomorrow. I haven’t even had a damn chance to sleep since flying from Sheena Island.”

“Fine. The black hoods as I have been calling them are people I spotted infiltrating Patty Island. The way they were operating seemed like some sort of terrorist faction. I stalk Patty Island every couple of days and it seemed there has been a struggle on the island that was putting Vincent Goldman on edge. I don’t know if they’ve managed to take the island or not but last time I was there things seemed quiet and even though Patty Islands’ security seems a bit more lax than other facilities I hadn’t seen any guards at a post where there would usually be at least one guard.”

“So it’s settled then partner. We’ll investigate further tomorrow.” Ark said as he shook Kevin’s hand. Kevin then finished off his cheese burger.

“Well I gotta get back to work so I can clock out. I do want to get paid for today. Get you tomorrow.” Kevin said grabbing his files and cola before taking off.

“I’ll be in room six of the Cobalt Comfort Center Motel.” Ark said.

Ark took a deep breath as he sat back to relax. A pretty waitress was coming Ark’s way, smiling as she walked. Ark sat up in his chair smiling back expecting to flirt as she set down a piece of paper then left. Bumming Ark out. He then looked at the paper and saw a bill for twenty dollars.

“Damn it!” Ark said.

Back in his motel Ark was talking on the phone to Leon. He told him about Sheena, and about the experiments that were being done to prisoners and residents. The topic then flew to the subject of Kevin, and Patty Island. Ark was confiding in Leon as to whether he should go or not.

“I just got back from Sheena and I’m tired but I can’t help but be curious. All the undead I already had to deal with in the last three days though. I’m not sure if I should.” Ark said.

“Well you already dealt with zombies once, and not to mention Vincent only leaked the T-Virus in Sheena. This Patty Island probably doesn’t even contain any monsters.” Leon told him. “Listen Ark. Your mission for me is over with. This is entirely up to you. I would say I don’t trust that Kevin guy but you got the police chief’s word that Kevin was a Raccoon City policeman. He wouldn’t have any reason to lie about that. And I was in Raccoon City just like this Kevin character. I believe him. Not to mention that even now he is working for the police force. Just now in the town of Cobalt is all.” Leon said.

“Yeah I think I’ll go through with this, I already said yes. Besides if somethings going down on Patty Island and I sat around with my thumb up my ass when I could’ve done something I’d never forgive myself” Ark told Leon.

“That’s the spirit. Goodnight friend, and good luck. Tell me how it pans out.” Leon said.

“Thanks, and I will. Night Leon.” Ark said as they both hung up on each other.

The next morning around 2:00 A.M. Kevin pulled up to the motel and started honking. Ark who was just waking up had slept since 11:00 P.M. After ten or so minutes Ark walked out and got in Kevin’s Truck. The truck had a boat attached to the back.

“What happened to your police car?” Ark asked.

“I couldn’t carry this boat if I had a police car with me. Now you coming or what?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah… let’s do this.”

On the boat Kevin was gearing up. He grabbed his trusty M1911A1 pistol he had during the outbreak of Raccoon City. He then handed Ark a berretta M9. After that he handed him a gray bullet proof vest. Ark looked at it curiously.

“Seems like a little much with the vest.” Ark said.

“Trust me, you’ll want it. We don’t know if we’ll be getting into any firefights while we’re on Patty so we may want to be careful. Here’s an extra magazine. That makes 30 bullets so use them wisely. And one more thing.”

“What could that be?”

“Here’s a Walkie Talkie. Just in case we get separated.” Kevin gave him the Talkie as Ark strapped it to the back of his pants.

“Looks like we’re ready to go.” Kevin said as he started driving the boat out to Patty Island. They were passing Sheena Island as Kevin whistled.

“That place is trashed.” Kevin said watching the smoke rise from the explosion that just happened two nights prior. “You weren’t kidding Ark.”

“I told you. Place has gone to shit.”

The two of them started making their way to Patty Island and are almost there. The beach is completely deserted. Just sand and empty Umbrella guard posts. The clouds started gathering overhead. It was an ominous sign. It wasn’t dark outside since it was only 4:00 but it was gray.

“I wonder if it’ll rain.”

“Probably.” Kevin said. “It rains a lot here. Especially on the ocean front.”

They made it onto the beach and looking into the woodland areas it was particularly dark. Ark then started making his way to the woods. There didn’t seem to be anything on the beach. On top of that the woods were so quiet. Not even a cricket sounding off.

“Not yet Ark. It may seem that there’s nothing on the beach but we have to be sure. We haven’t checked the guards spot yet. Plus we should be together for the forest.” Kevin said.

Ark turned around and continued back to Kevin. They then walked further down the small beach front. They were making their way to the guard post when Kevin stopped. He just wanted to stop for a second to listen to his surroundings. They continued on again. The only noise that could be heard was each footstep made by them as they trudged through the sand.

“Are you sure there’s a facility here Kevin? It just looks like sand and forest.” Ark exclaimed.

“Yeah, the building can be seen on the other side but there didn’t seem to be any location to dock at. Not to mention the lack of critters to be heard. That’s just strange. Even with or without a facility something should be chirping.” Kevin told him.

They got up on the guards post and all there was is a hut, a chair, and a lot of cigarette butts. Kevin picked them up to smell them. He made the assumption they were a few days old at best. He even looked around seeing no sign of Umbrella or the black hoods. Though he couldn’t see anything, something could see him. Watching from the forest with bated breath. It rustled a bit closer as Kevin noticed something.

“Ark. Be quiet, somethings watching us from the forest.” Kevin said as he pulled out his gun. Ark soon pulled out his gun as well.

The pair on Kevin’s mark bolted for the forest all at once. Whatever was watching them turned its tail and ran the moment they did so. Kevin and Ark were persistent though. They kept running until they made it out into a clearing. They didn’t notice at first just how dark it actually was in there until the dark, cloudy sky that hovered over the clearing provided almost 300% the amount of light that was in the forest. They then realized they were standing on a path. No, more like a road due to its width.

“It looks like car tracks lead this way. We’ve lost whoever was watching us anyway, and this is a new lead.” Kevin told him.

“Well it could be what was watching us rather than who.” Ark reminded him.

“I highly doubt that, Odds are if it were a what it wouldn’t have stalked us like that or took its sweet time. We were being watched plain and simple. Which is a sign of intelligence not a mindless monster like in Raccoon City.” Kevin brought up with Ark now agreeing.

The two of them walked with unease. After that incident, the both of them feel like they’re being watched from all directions. In between each tree on the outer rim of the forestry area there was nothing but darkness and the faint outlines of trees and shrubs. They finally made it to a parking area with a booth for guards to keep watch. There was a giant metal gate, and it had a huge Umbrella corp. symbol plastered across it.

“Wow… Umbrella really is here.” Ark said astonished.

“From the looks of it Umbrella really was here rather. But it hasn’t been that long we have to figure what’s going on. Let’s check the guard’s booth next to giant metal entrance.” Kevin said.

They got inside and immediately they put their hands up to their nose and mouth from the stench. There was a mutilated dead corpse. Its neck severed and cut into. Looked as though from a hatchet or something of the like. It was starting to drizzle outside as all that could be heard now were repeating drops of water. Ark looked at the dead guard’s desk as he saw an electronic slot with a glowing red light.

“Hey look. That slot there looks as though it’s meant for a key card.” Ark said.

“Very observant. Level 2 it says on the box. And the powers still working.” Kevin pointed out then searching the dead guard. “Well there’s no key card here. We may have to look around the facility or maybe scale the wall somehow.” Kevin suggested.

“Well we can’t do that from in here. We’ll have to get going” Ark said as the two of them turned to walk outside.

As they did both their jaws dropped and eyes widened simultaneously. Then after two or so seconds they finally reached for their guns and pulled them. Before them there were seventeen black hooded folks all with melee weapons the like of which ranged from shovels to daggers, and from pitchforks to 16th century swords. The cloaks slowly surrounded the pair.

“Who are you!?” Kevin asked angrily.

The group started whispering amongst themselves in what sounded like Spanish to the ears of both Ark and Kevin. Then one hooded man stepped forward. He started screaming at them in Spanish before a parasite emerged from his mouth (The likes of which from Resident Evil 4) as a hissing replaced the screaming. The pair had been spooked by this.

In that Moment both Ark, and Kevin bolted to each other’s right as they were soon divided by a charging man with a spear. The spear rammed in between them as it actually punctured concrete. Ark and Kevin were separated as Kevin shot the spearman twice in the face. His head naturally exploded as a bit of blood got on Kevin’s cheek. Kevin then jumped back as even more people ran between the two. With only forest on each side both ran in the opposite direction. With both looking back and noticing a long, wiggly parasite that emerged from the body of the man Kevin shot. Then they knew how fucked they actually were.

Ark just kept running and running. He was being chased by at least eight of the black hooded, and cloaked men. He could hear the rustling get closer as he started losing stamina. He was then grabbed from behind. The parasite ridden men were grabbing at his jacket as he burst forth from it, leaving his green Jacket behind. He ran while shooting blindly behind him.

He then made it to a clearing where he saw a tall and wide traditional metal fence that stretched far. He saw an entrance as he ran for it. He made it into a check point as he shut the fence door behind him. Luckily there was a deadbolt and the holes in the fence were too small for the men to reach in and unlock it. They caught up and stared, hissing as they shook the fence. Ark relaxed on the other side as they screamed angrily. Soon the screaming stopped.

All of a sudden the men in black, hooded cloaks were content. Though the thing that freaked Ark out was that they smiled. But they didn’t smile at him. They smiled beyond him. Ark slowly turned his head to see a bunch of black body bags and other decomposing bodies lined up in columns and rows. Then they started to sit up, and twitch. Ark backed up towards the fence a little bit shocked stepping on an ink ribbon in the watery mud.

“Are those… are they made from the T-Virus?”


(Fanfiction by: Joshua Lundquest. Continued in PART 2)

© Copyright 2019 Joshua Lundquest. All rights reserved.

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