Summer Day of Love in Sway

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This piece was inspired by a painting I saw. I could not find the original online since I saw it in person, so the thumbnail will not be the painting I saw but I will try to find one that somewhat conveys what I wrote.

Submitted: October 07, 2014

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Submitted: October 07, 2014



Summer Day of Love in Sway: By Joshua Lundquest


There is a warm sensation pressed against my forehead,

as the connection between two warm sets of soft skin meet,

and peaceful happiness settles in.

With the nice cool breeze flowing over the rest of my body.


And the cold grassy landscape under my back I lay in peace.

My brain signals to me that others are around but my own self dignifies that it is just me,

and her, as well as a subtle array of quiet joy that fills my body, and expresses this outward expression on my face to be perceived by all as a smile.


A smile to them but to me so much more than that,

it is the essence of my current happiness incarnate.

It is who I am at that very moment spending priceless

seconds with the one I love, but feeling as though

I am stuck in time, and can’t move a muscle.

© Copyright 2019 Joshua Lundquest. All rights reserved.

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