Undeniable Smile

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A wild party, a sexy grind session. All this flash fiction needs now is some evil intent.

Submitted: August 31, 2015

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Submitted: August 31, 2015



Lisa was really grinding up against this guy. She didn't know what it was about him that made him so attractive but she was so drunk she didn't even care. Maybe it was his muscles or sense of style. Or maybe the pungent scent of beer coming from his breath or the beef jerky smell resonating with his beard. The two danced, huddled together in a room full of loud music as colorful pink, orange, and neon green lights strobe within the room. The party was alive.

The two continued grinding up against each other as the bar of sexual tension was contunuily raised. Lisa didn't know his name, and neither did he know hers. But they kept on rubbing up against each other. Lisa was really working it too. It really drew attention to her. And not just because of the grinding, because that was normal. No the attention she attracted was much different. It was one mere soul who sat quietly in the back of the room, and he just watched. Oblivious to the arousal happening off in the distance, smitten Lisa was keeping her focus on the visually hot, physically sweaty frat boy.

The two embraced very passionately during the grinding session, and as they held each other they spun around trying to keep the flow of the music. It was as they spun that Lisa had noticed something very unsettling. A demonic smile sitting on a silohoutted face. oddly enough the man of the shadows had managed to find one of the few places in the club where the rotating neon lights wouldn't illuminate his face. Though light was not necessary to see his devilish smile. She felt as if lucifer himself had been staring at her.

Though she felt uncomfortable Lisa ignored him. She knew there was bound to be a few creepers at this party. On top of that she also convinced herself that his eyes would wander elsewhere. She continued her dirty dance with the bearded frat boy. It was then that the silohoutte started slowly advancing on the pair. And it did not go unnoticed, Lisa saw him advance. Like a bad dream every flash of light missed his face, only ever illuminating his face. But despite that the crooked, nasty smile remained visible. It was a terror enducing smile that presented jagged teeth, and chapped lips. Lips the man then proceeded to lick away at as he treaded forward.

Lisa was starting to panic but she didn't want to spook the guy she was with. As the man with the crooked smile approached his eyes soon became visible. They were almost dreamlike, so imposing as if he were trying to cast a spell with his haunting stare. It was then that Lisa was starting to sweat beads. The frat boy noticed but continued to grind, suspecting it was the heat that was making her sweat. It was when she saw this glaring white ring form around his pupils that things meant trouble. She spun around the frat boy and grabbed his cheeks, going in for a kiss and throwing some tongue in there too.

"Whoa babe! A little forward." The frat boy said.

"Think we could go somewhere quieter? I just really feel the need to get away from here." Lisa said as they approched the backstage. The man's plan all along, twas merely a scare tactic his march, used to isolate.

Several hours after the party had ended a young man was left behind with a few others to clean up the mess. There were glow sticks that lost their glow, and beer cans everywhere. Cans being chosen over bottles to eliminate the risk of broken glass. The young man found himself throwing trash into a white bag when one of his buddies yelled at him to check behind the stage. The young man said "Okay!" as he made his way back there.

"Probably going to need a black light to clean up all the messes back there." He joked.

As he turned the corner he fell to the floor screaming as to what he saw. His friends rushed over to find out what was wrong. As they turned that very corner the one with the weakest stomach vomited into his trash bag, increasing it's weight significantly as the other simply dropped his bag from the shock. Before them lay two battered and fully stripped bodies. The gal was stabbed in the rib cage as a cracked rib could be vaguley seen behind red torn flesh with strands of skin stretched out like stretched bubblegum. The frat boy was hypervenalating but couldn't hardly move or speak, and appeared to be drugged. Both however appeared to have been raped, with white, thick ooze emerging from all orifices.

They rushed to the frat boys side as one even knew who he was. Another grabbed for his phone as quickly as he could. The bloody, gasping frat boy lay on the ground heaving. He was so paranoid he didn't even let the young men who were trying to help him do so. All they could do was struggle with him until the ambulance arrived. To be fair though, the frat boy couldn't see them. All he could see was a smile. A sinister one that hovered over him, dominating his very soul, and dignity. 

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