Psycho Path

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

We follow many paths in life, each decision a precursor of what may come next. But life is full of surprises, as anything could detour what is nonetheless inevitable. For me, this obstacle was in my head, my mind derailing as I went off the track onto a new path. A path riddled with delusion, danger, and darkness. A path only a fool would dare to trek. But I had no choice. Only the light inside me would be my guide off this road, a road I call the psycho path.

Table of Contents


Ch. 1 Mania I like to think of life at a series of highs and lows. Much like the waves of an ocean, the churning ... Read Chapter

The Conductor

Joshua wakes from a hellish nightmare into a psychiatric facility. Unsure who to trust, he turns to a powerful new voice for guidance. He claims to be in control, he? Read Chapter

White to Black and Back

Ch.3 White to Black and Back   Everybody needs time to relax, time to unwind and socialize with the world. My worl... Read Chapter

Into the Bunker

Sunlight broke through the shades and bled light into the dim room. The morning birds chirped cheerfully outside, rousing me from my slum... Read Chapter


Things get worse for Josh as he starts to hallucinate. The doctors are running out of answers, with only two options. Read Chapter


Chapter 6: Roundabout   That night, I wasn’t given any meds. I couldn’t really complain. In fact, I enjoyed the thought ... Read Chapter

Family Matters

My parents could tell I was still mentally messed up. I remember asking them why the cats looked so huge, like they were growing bigger befi... Read Chapter

The Miracle

Chapter 8.  The Miracle   As I settled in to the seat of the small classroom, I began to color, lacking enough concentr... Read Chapter

Reality Shift

Chapter 9: Reality Shift   The transition from inpatient to outpatient was like the equivalence of going from living with yo... Read Chapter


Danny looked everywhere for his “Danny Phantom” outfit. In the show, however, the transition was an automatic wardrobe chan... Read Chapter