This Heavenly Place (Contest)

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The heavens welcome a new sinner...

Submitted: April 11, 2014

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Submitted: April 11, 2014



Clouds, an existential ecstasy

Lotus Flowers. beaming astral radiance

Luna and Sol, meshed in the twilight where

Purest angels, take flight with wings aflutter

And trumpets ablaze, are homonious

With the choir omnipresent, they make their ascent

In this heavenly place

Beckon me forward, and I’ll follow

Into a room, no sound

Just presence of the holy one

A throne, embezzled with amythest

Atop a diamond spire, bedazzled in jewel

He looms over me, whispers softly in my ear

To love, my child, is to let go


I show no sadness, just resolution as

Fear takes no presidence here

Lust, lost in the dust brushed off on a

Forgotton path, paved by the wicked

Where screams falter in the jubilee

Of joyous laughter, forthcoming of the tides

The bell tolls once

The rooster crows twice

The horns blare thrice

And the gates clamp shut

The entry of another sinner

Has been compromised…..

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