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James has a family of six his wife, Jennifer two daugters, gwen and emily three sons, matthew jones and ben. James is not the type of 'rich' family guy he has to fight all how to get a job will he get enough money fo his family? or will they suffer poverty? read and find out from this short story 'Business guy' from 17 Year old Joshua Daniell

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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Submitted: August 20, 2014



Early in the morning I had to get up for work. I do not really like my job but it is all there is to get extra money for me and my family. “Can you come home early today?” Jennifer my wife asked with pity. I explained that I could not because it was a day to work extra time.

At my office my employer came through the door. “James, Kate needs you to be at her office, now” Kate, the boss lady, is the one whom everyone respects upfront, and gossip about her behind her back. Unlike me I tried to keep far away from the gossip.

“Yes, Miss Kate?” I humbly entered her office.

“Hey, James I’ve been looking at your records, and I saw that you have been back in time with the work a bit, care to explain?” fear ceased my thoughts I tried to think up of something but I could not so I just shook my head.

“Well,” she continued, “I can’t have that type of lackadaisical attitude in my business so I’m afraid I’ll have to let you go.” I looked at her in shock and dismay.

“But, but,” I stammered, “Where am I going to get money? Please have mercy on me I need money. My wife doesn’t work I have two daughters attending high school and three sons, one is also attending high school and the other two are in elementary school.” She looked at me and at her flat screen monitor.

She bit her lip and said, “Sorry but I can’t do anything for you.”  


When I got home Jennifer came rushing to me and gave me a warm hug. “I thought you weren’t going to come home early,” she looked at my distressed face, “what’s the matter?” I gave her the depressing news she slammed herself against the sofa and wept softly. I sat next to her and rubbed her back.

“Don’t worry,” I said, hoping to comfort her, “I’ll find a better job.”

The next morning I got up earlier than I usually do, to look for a job. It took me four hours until I came to a very promising business man. “Good day, sir.” He greeted me friendly. I smiled and introduced myself and explained my situation. He asked me to be at his office the week right after.

I went home with the exciting news then I saw Jennifer lying on the sofa in an unusual way. “Jenny?” she looked up at me and came towards me and embraced me.

“Oh, James,” she cried, “I’m so hungry there is no food left please say you came with good news.” I told her everything, she frowned, “but next week is so far away we only have ten dollars here and fifty in the bank.” I ran my hand through my hair in distress.

Later that night we were on the bed chatting. “James, there is no way we can stretch out sixty dollars until next week, you must find another way.”

“Don’t you have any faith? Jen? ”

“Faith in what? We’re poor! How can I have faith?!” I tried to calm her down but it just made it worst, “How the HELL can you have faith with just sixty dollars!?”

The next morning I got up tense. I snooped around the house for scraps of food luckily there was still a spoonful of jam left and one slice of bread. Then I thought of Jennifer.

“Morning,” she yawned tiredly, “why are you up so early?”

“I left this for you.” I handed her the slice of bread with jam on it. She smiled weakly, and took it. We actually got to survive until the day of the interview. I got dressed in the best of my clothes. I went five minutes early.

“Good morning Mr. James? Is it?” the business man got up from his office desk and invited me inside. I was there for thirty minutes. Then I went home.

“So? How was it?” Jennifer smiled joyfully.

“I failed.” I looked down to the floor.

So we went through another week of stress but this time with forty dollars.

I manage to go online and find job offers that I qualified for. There were many options one of which paid five hundred a month. The interview was the day right after.

I reached early they interviewed me and twenty-five others.

“And they’re only choosing five?” Jennifer asked troubled. “How will you know if they choose you will they call? Please answer.” She was getting anxious so I decided to explain.

“I’ll get a call tomorrow if it’s a positive response then I’ll have to work the day right after.


Luckily for me everything went successful and I got the job. A couple of months passed by and my bank account had at least nine thousand dollars I managed to get a loan from the bank. “What is the loan for?” Jennifer asked curiously I explained that it was to build a business for myself. It took a few years to get through but it surely paid off.

I had a happy wife whom I loved very much, two big twenty-six year old daughters and three sons. Business really pays off.

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