Ocean Dreams Terrify

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Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



The dream series is unified by structures on a beach or peninsula that are being pounded by terrifyingly strong waves and I am caught with various family members as the waves progressively approach and erode away our safe haven.

One scene takes place at a beach with my mother and me. We are in a locker room bathhouse under an overhanging road or bridge or mountainside. I know this place is real.We actually visited such a beach when I was a child. But I do not remember where. Probably somewhere in RI or MA or Florida because those are the only states whose beaches I cannot recall clearly. I know that in real life I was scared there but I do not know why. The beach was safe. But I think I was terrified of he waves and the incoming tide and that we would be trapped in this semi underground boardwalk changing room bathhouse but that it also had snack stands and maybe a sit down cafe. I remember lots of people eating and laughing as I feared the waves getting closer. As I write this, I can see the walkway through the structure, see the wood and stone overhang and in my gut I feel scared as I write as if I am there. But where is this beach and why am I so terrified even of this partial memory. My heart is beating and I feel my legs shake. What happened there? Was I lost? Maybe. I was calling for my mother, I think I remember. What and where is this place that haunts my dreams in so many themes.

Another dream from when I was between 7 and 9 and we were living on Fleet Avenue and David and I were sharing a bedroom on the first floor. The room at the end of the hall in a triangle hallway that ended with our room at the end of the hall and the bathroom on the left edge of the triangle and the family room den on the right. Going into the room my bed was on the left wall adjacent to the bathroom. A short wall with a window and a desk was to the right rear of my bed and David's bed was along the opposite wall of my bed and the door. Above his bed was a Fonzi poster. In his leather jacket with his thumb up and an Ayy balloon. At be end of his bed was my bureau. On the last wall of room, to the right of he door was our closet and David's bureau.

This remains the most vivid dream of my life. I dreamt it between 1974 and 1978. I only had it once. Of this I am sure, but it has reminded intensely vivid for 39 years. This is my first time ever communicating it. I am sure it predates the first dream, I think. We are in a 1970's station wagon with wood panels-- maybe Uncle Frank's. an adult is driving but driving crazily. We drive onto the beach and into the ocean. The car rolls in the waves but remains upright although it fills with seawater. I know that I need to save David because I am three years older. As we start to get out of the car, the beach is raked by men with machine guns. Beachgoers did and I remember in my dream thinking this like a scene from a James Bond movie.

I think a I write this that we must have just seen Moonraker so now I know I can date this dream. Bu that can't be because Moonraker.   Anyhow, I pull David from the car and drag him up the beach on his stomach but as I o to turnpike over, I know I have failed and as I am about to see his face, my mother calls me from my closet which is now on the beach above the shoreline on a semi grassy gravelly overlooking mini-cliff, she calls my name to come back to my closet. I grab David and pull himself the sandy grassy gravelly hill and go into our closet amongst be clothes but mom and dad are on the other side of the sliding brown wooden doors. I slide the doors open leave David in the closet step into my bedroom run to my mother start to stream "David--" and wake up in my bed under my poster of the original Star Wars cast and iconic poster. This was at least 6 years before a relative gave me the lion the witch and the wardrobe.

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