Cosmic Blink of an Eye

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A person struggles with life.

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



Don't Talk me down from this ledge, I want to fly.

It's time now, cut the shit, this is serious, our job is on the line.

No one cares for me, you don't know me, this is it, I'm gonna die.

Let's just run away and hide?

Where can I go? This world isn't for me, it hates me. I'm swimming against the tide.

Okay. We are small, sure, just a Cosmic blink of an eye. It's how we spend our time that matters. A butterfly lives for a year. The butterfly doesn't notice, it doesn't care. It just 'lives'. It lives for as long as it can, it embraces life. Because, that's all its got. That's all you've got, that's all everybody's got. Why on earth would you want to destroy it. Come on down?

...I can't. You obviously don't understand. I thank you, you're kind. But, Perhaps I'm like the butterfly, except born with broken wings. I'm damaged. The world is mocking me. All I see is other butterflys fluttering in the wind. Enjoying their time on earth. Yet, I'm trapped here - Watching helplessly...Perhaps there's an after life?

We both know that's not true...I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm in here to you know.

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