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This poem reflects what goes on in my mind most the time. It has a Gothic touch to it in terms that it is about suicide and loneliness.

Submitted: September 27, 2014

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Submitted: September 27, 2014



tears of black, tears of sorrow

tears of all the right and wrong

all is hollow, till' tomorrow

life lives on till' all is gone

took too much till' one can't take it

took too much till' one has crossed 

kept all strength till' one forsaked it

once was real but now is lost

no such tear, no single care

for once is lost cannot be found

no such fear, it's truth or dare

now take a pick for souls be bound

the color red, the color shed

a heart once filled now left with nothing

one who bled and those who said

the things that started all the cutting

feels like one does not belong

in this world, there's no such friend

filled with life till' one is gone

waiting till' the message sends

it's they, the ones, the tons who caused it

all this pain and all this hurt

took the limit, then one lost it

all the blood stains in the dirt

mostly tears and full regret

wishing one was never born

pull the trigger, go on, get

from the universe, one's torn

moments passed, now moments gone

all the bruises and the rest

goin' on just far too long

lifeless life, now lifeless flesh

loneliness and all despair

just enough to end ones life

loneliness and lots to spare

end by a gun or knife

one's life taken, enter death

enter into twilight zone

one event not to forget

for being dead inside, alone


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