One feeling

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This short story is about a boy and his mothers struggling story through life's pathway finding life extremely difficult.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




One feeling


On the day of September the 5th 2008, there was a boy and his name was "Matt" and it was Matt's first day at high-school. Like all the kids on their first day, he was nervous, he didn't know what to expect on his first day. He had a brother, nick that already was in grade 11 at the time, so Matt went to nick to ask what was going to happen on his first day? So in the morning, just before school started, he walked into his brothers’ room and asked him for advice. Matt’s brother told him that all the teachers make you do lots and lots of homework, also that there will be lots of scary kids there and all the teachers are mean, if you don’t do what they want you to do they take you to the office! After hearing all this Matt did not like the idea of going now…

(As Matt left the room nick burst into laughter.)

Matt was already worried, because in the last year of primary school, he was a heavy victim of bullying, so he thought it would hopefully stop at high-school.

As Matt was leaving his mum said if anything goes wrong just tell me, I love you more than the world! “I want to know if anything bad happens Matt”.

He promised and said “I’ll tell you anything mum”, so he left home went into the school-yard.

He walked in the school yard and he saw familiar faces and plenty of not so familiar faces, in the distance about 30-40 meters away, there was a group of boys that he remembered from last year that bullied him, he thought they’d changed or maybe have cooled since then, he wanted to walk over to say “hi”, but he had the words of his brother stuck in his head, Matt felt nervous.

So he gathered enough courage to go over and talk to them, so he walked up to the group and said hey guys what's up??

The group just stared at him, looked at each other and laughed, they were calling him names and mocking him, then one kid go his face right up in front of Matt's face, (in a serious voice he said), “high school for you is going to be a living hell for you!” Matt’s heart sank.

Matt walked away, he shrugged his shoulders.


The last bell of the day went, Matt walked to his house and as soon as he walked home his mum asked him did everything go okay.

“He said yeah it was fine”. His mum asked are you sure? Just remember for as-long as I’m hear I’ll always be here for you, same as your father. “yeah I know mum”.

The next morning, as he walked into the school, Matt tried to avoid those kids from yesterday but the group of bullies came over to him and started pushing him around, saying “common you pussy”, “no one loves you, no-one has, no-one will”, I can’t believe you were even born!

This hurt Matt very much, it was his greatest emotional pain. It got worse. This continued for a week, then time passed, and it was a month, they were still making him hurt inside so much, then 6 months than a year, then 2 years, everyday his mum always asked him, I love you Matt, please tell me if anything is wrong, just remember Matt, “every time whenever I feel down I go to sunshine beach and you should do the same”, “it helps take your mind off the stresses of life”. As usual he always said “I’m fine”, those boys were still picking on him, he still felt like dirt, he didn't want to be alive, he was living for his mum. But he didn't want to say anything because he thought if he told her the truth it would upset his mother.


But his sadness carried on for so long he has been thinking of telling his mum for a while now, but after thinking about it he realize he should tell his mum, “maybe she could help me”. So when he finished school and he walked home anxious to tell his mum how he felt. He opened his door and called out hey mum I’m home, I've got something to tell you, his dad was in the living room, he was crying, there were 2 police men at his house in there uniform, he thought to himself what was wrong, so he asked the men what was wrong? They looked at him and didn't say a word... They looked at each-other, they looked at Matt's dad, then Matt's dad gave him a letter that he was reading, he handed it to Matt, “here you go Matt your mum wrote this… It says, “To Matt, all my life, I've felt incomplete. Everywhere I go, I never fit-in, at school right through to work I was/am picked on and abused by my classmates and workmates, I didn't want to give-up Matt, I was living the pains for you, my beautiful child, you’re the only thing keeping me going, but i am weak, I've given into the pressures of the world. I just thought it would be better this way, I'm sorry...

Then he looked up with a tears rolling down the left side of his face, as sat down in the amount shock, he asked what happened? Matt’s dad looked at the policemen, they said, your mum gave her own life. There was a witness there, would you like to know what happened? Matt said “yes” The men said okay, your mother, she ended her life by walking into the waves at sunset beach, strait-away Matt remembered that his mum always told him, that the only place she have ever found relief in is sunshine beach, it was her favorite place to be.

They continued on to say that “She walked in slowly, with a picture of her family in her hand, she stood there and whispered to herself, I was strong, but at the end of the day they were stronger”. “So as she walked in, getting deeper and deeper, she just let herself drift off into the sunset like a flower in a pond”, finally she can have her last breath of life at her favorite beach… Matt just stood there and just stared at the note, His eyes were filled with tears.

The men left. He had nothing to live for anymore. He wanted to be with mum...

The next day, after being bullied again, again, and again! He couldn't stand living one more day! So he waited till sun-set, he went down to the same beach where his mum passed away at, and he walked into the waves and whispered to himself, “mum, I've got something to tell you”.

He herd the seagulls in the background and the waves crashing down. He whispered to himself, “I'll always be with you”. <3



You might think, teasing someone is fun, but it’s not, it may be for you but it isn't for them, bullying has long-lasting effects on people that can-not be erased easily, next time you think about going along with the group, don’t go with the easiest option and join in on the bullying. Thank-you for reading. 

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