Good coffee

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This was a piece I had to do for my course work let me know what you think. It got a good review from my tutor so i hope you like it to.
thanks Jossie Marie

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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Submitted: March 07, 2009



Good Coffee
Angela stood scrutinizing herself in front of her bedroom mirror. She was happy with her hair, which, had curled nicely in the night.
“Who say’s brown hair’s boring?” She said as she pulled it back into a tight, high ponytail, loving the effect of the ringlets as they cascaded from the top of her head to her shoulders.
Checking her face she quickly dabbed away a slight smudge of mascara and smiled. Her skin looked clean, delicately bronzed, and she had highlighted her high cheek bones perfectly.
Her hazel eyes had been enhanced well, with the help of jet black eyeliner, and long lash mascara, although she had decided against lipstick and eye shadow. Feeling the natural look was better for this particular occasion. Her new suite looked great. A black jacket that skimmed over her lumps and bumps nicely with a matching pair of trousers that were loose fitting with a sharp crease running down the front of each leg.
Underneath she has on a pastel pink shirt and on her feet new black shoes that were flat soled, stiff, and far less comfortable than she had imagined them to be.
Snatching up her bag and car keys she set off. It was not a long drive, just ten minutes. The office block was small and made up of straight lines, simple and efficient and a mass of tinted glass which made her feel incredibly intimidated.
As she pushed through the sliding doors she took a deep breath before approaching the reception desk where a tall, sharp looking weasel of a woman gazed at her questioningly.
“I’m Angela White! I’m meant to be starting work today,” She said as calmly as she could.
“Up the stairs and straight ahead,” Was the curt reply.
Following the direction the well manicured hand had indicated Angela entered a large buzzing office and instantly felt somewhat over dressed as the other occupants sat around in casual clothes, not a single suite in site.
“You must be Angela,” A tall, lanky man in corduroy trousers and one of the ugliest jumpers Angela had ever seen said, as he sidled over to her.
“That! All needs filing away,” He said pointing to a mass of papers just visible through the door of a small room. Then without another word he turned and left.
She gazed around her at the chaos, removed her jacket and rolled up her sleeves before ploughing into the mass of papers like a woman possessed.
It was not so hard once she had checked the cabinets to see how each item should be filed but it would take some time.
“New girl aye,” A bored voice growled behind her. “What’s with the suite?” it added, as she turned to see a small, mousy haired girl, with sharp, dark eyes gazing at her.
“I wasn’t sure of the dress code,” was her simple reply.
“Well we don’t do suites here,” was the curt reply.
“I’ll bare that in mind tomorrow,” Angela said flashing a sarcastic smile.
“They want coffees,” the girl said indicating with a flick of her head the room behind her.
“Best go round and find out what they want. I’d write it down if I was you,” she added and then giving Angela another quick glance scurried from the room.
So that was how it was going to work.She was the office skivvy.She could handle that.As long as she got paid she didn’t care what she doing.
There was a mix of people in the office most of them seemed bored and distracted but a few were bright and smiling asking her name and taking the opportunity for a quick chat. The coffee orders however, were intricate and ridiculous as cream not milk, sprinkles and foam and marshmallow’s were ordered.
“Its shit here but it’s easy,” One girl, by the name of Lucy, informed her. Lucy was a plump motherly looking woman who had dimples when she smiled and Angela took to her immediately.
“You got three groups here,” Lucy informed her, “There’s the snobs, they’re the biggest lot, the geeks, front two rows, and then there’s us,” she said pointing at five people in turn, herself and Angela included, “we’re the normal ones,” She added with a giggle.
“Well I’m glad you think I’m normal,” Angela replied with a smile.
“Oh hunny, believe me, you’re as normal as they come. I can spot the geeks and the snobs a mile off and if you ain’t one or the other then you’re normal.
Don’t worry though. Another new guy starts tomorrow. I hear he’s a geek so you won’t be playing maid for long.” She added with a chuckle.
“Thank god for that,” was Angela’s reply. Then glancing at the fussy list in her hand she added, “So that’s coffee, no sugars all round then!”

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