The Pool

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A young lady revisits her childhood memories and finds the start of a new adventure.

Submitted: July 02, 2013

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Submitted: July 02, 2013



The sounds of the woods were gone. Terri knew that was a bad sign. She had picked her way up the trail until it disappeared into the growth and then she had to walk two to three steps for each step towards her destination. The growth wasn’t dense; it just wouldn’t easily yield given her direction.


The afternoon was sultry. It wasn’t really the heat. She tolerated that reasonably well. It was the moisture. It smothered the body, not letting its heat dissipate. She felt like she was wearing winter clothing while out exercising. The clouds hid the direct sunlight, but her surroundings kept the wind from providing the cool relief she needed.


She pressed forward. It had been years since she had visited her secret hiding place. It was a place she grew up with. She had found it one day while searching for a short cut to the neighbor’s farmhouse. She had always had a sense of direction, so she had followed the field edge to the woods and discovered a half-hidden trail. It plunged into the woods and had broadened out, as though its makers knew ahead of time that there was a protective veil that prevented prying eyes from discovering its beauty. The far end of the opening held a delightful surprise. As she approached, she heard the gurgling of running water. A pair of trees provided an opening that was just large enough for her to squeeze through. There was a pool, drenched in sunlight that was forty to fifty yards wide. The slate rocks provided a natural dam and the water came from a lazy brook just across the pool. The water was ten to fifteen feet deep and had a reasonable temperature.


It became Terri’s favorite spot and she told no one. Two to three afternoons a week during that summer she swam in its secluded comfort. For several years, she visited her refuge until she went to college. The distractions of a full schedule and dorm life cast dim shadows on her memory of its nurturing arms.


Today, the field was gone and all that remained of the trail were hints of less vegetation. She was back home after her father had passed away. He wasn’t as large a figure in her life as she remembered while growing up. Her friends provided the safety net she needed to allow her to take risks. She had married, divorced and held dear, close friends. At her age of thirty-eight, she had seen more than a fair share of friends pass on. The blow of her father’s death was tempered by an understanding that others had taken his place. She needed some solitude and took off towards her pool.


The woods were more of an unforgiving barrier than the growth in the field. The path had completely disappeared and it was only her sense of direction that allowed her to ascertain the pool’s location. When she finally pushed through the last of the growth, she was rewarded by a wave of relief. The pool was still untouched. The sun emerged. She dropped to her knees and cupped her hand, throwing the cool water over her face and chest. Sounds of insects, frogs and birds started ringing together. The noise was subtle at first. The background setting hid it. Terri was so wrapped up in her reverie that it took a long time for the sounds to start registering on her conscious mind. At first there was just the cacophony of the white noise. Little by little, she started to hear the individual sounds – crickets, buzzing insects, birds, the moving water. She rocked back and slid the tank-top over her head.

Standing, she removed her tennis shoes and slid her jeans and panties down over her hips and knees, letting them fall to the ground. She stepped forward out of them and started to wade into the pool. The shock of the cold water caused goose bumps on her arms and chest. She was up to her waist when she dove forward, allowing the coldness to engulf her body and mind. When she surfaced, her skin had already adjusted to the water’s temperature and it was the air that now felt cool. She lay back and floated on the surface, her feet treading just fast enough to keep her still. She closed her eyes. Thoughts of her father came streaming to her consciousness.


He had been a kind person. When her mother had been so terribly sick just before her death, he had held her, comforted her, letting her know that she wasn’t alone. She had died in his arms. When she was gone, he continued to hold her, explaining to his children that he needed to cry – for both of them. Terri felt tears tugging at her eyes and she flipped over and swam quickly to the far side and then to the pool’s center.


She again lay back and let the sun’s healing rays play across her chest and breasts. The heat increased slowly and the temperature difference caused her nipples to harden. She smiled inwardly and forced her thoughts to a week ago when Tom had surprised her with a bouquet of flowers. It had touched her that there was no special occasion. “Just because,” he had said. There was no expectation on his part. When she kissed him, she felt an inner need, driving her uncontrollably to make love to him. He was surprised at her aggressiveness and bent to her will. Her memories caused her fingers to land on her clit, stroking it hard.


“Why are you jerking off in my pool?”


Terri jumped upright and faced the stranger on the shore by her clothes. Her face and neck turned crimson. Her shock quickly turned to anger – at him for his crudeness and at herself for assuming the safety of the pool. She kept the presence of mind not to speak at him and, instead, studied him. He was a tall person, maybe 6’3” or so. His face was deeply tanned and, under other circumstances, might have been attractive. There were deep burrows in his forehead and his nose and chin had an unfinished, chiseled look. His eyes were studious, impassive. He was obviously someone that worked outside. His un-tucked shirt was open and showed the broad expanse of his chest. His arms were powerful. Even under the shirt she could see their bulkiness. His waist was trim and his legs mirrored his arms – bulky and powerful.


“Do you really own it?” she gently queried, walking toward the shore.


He hesitated, watching her cat-like movement. “My father owned it for fifty years before he passed on. I’ve been coming up here for the past five years. It gives me a place to think about my life. You’re old man Martin’s daughter, aren’t you? Sorry to hear about his passing.”


The sudden question and his insight caught Terri off guard. “Terri,” she said. “And you are…?”

“Toby Zachs.” He reached over and picked up her clothes, handing them to her. Terri remembered the Zachs farm. It was a mile or two down the road from her dad’s place. She quickly dressed noticing his eyes following her. “Are you hungry?” he asked. Terri looked around somewhat confused. He smiled and said, “The house is not far from here.”


He started off in a direction that put them by the stream that fed the pool. “How long have you known about this pool?” he asked conversationally.


“A very long time. But it’s been years since I’ve been here.” They had turned into the woods and Terri was surrounded by an incredible range of greens. The trees formed a canopy far above her head. The path was reasonably distinct and she no problem in walking. Yellow and white round flowers were strewn on both sides of the path. Toby waited for her and then put his arm around her, guiding her forward. The trees became denser and it was darker. Her arm went around his waist. After a few minutes the woods opened to an expanse of cleared land. She could see the house – a simple dwelling. They crossed the field and he led her through the back door into the kitchen. A myriad of smells assaulted her nose. Garlic was predominant. She sat at the well worn table. He placed a skillet on the gas stove, lit the gas, and retrieved some ground meat from the refrigerator. He formed some patties and parked them on the skillet. They sizzled. The cupboard had some plates and Terri offered to help. While she set the table he attended the burgers. When they were done, he flipped one onto Terri’s plate.


She was famished, but ate slowly, savoring the flavor. It was delicious. They hadn’t spoken much and she didn’t feel any pressure to converse. The sun streamed in the window. It was mid-afternoon. They cleaned up the kitchen and went out to the back yard, retracing their steps towards the woods. The trees started to grow closer and closer together. Terri stopped and sat at the trunk of one. Toby sat down beside her. His arm went around her, pulling her close. He leaned over and kissed her. It was a gentle, lingering kiss. His tongue caressed her mouth with slow, languorous moves that, little by little, coaxed an automated response from her breasts and loins. He stood and lifted her to her feet as though she were no more than a leaf. She raised her arms and he pulled the tank-top over her head. His mouth kissed her as he moved slowly down her neck to her shoulders and breasts.


She shuddered as his lips engulfed her nipple. He drew her nipple and breast into his mouth, letting his tongue whip and spank her nipple. She leaned her head back and his arm crooked behind her neck. His other hand dexterously opened her jeans and slid them and her panties over her hips and down her legs. She kicked them off and her legs parted. His lips returned to hers and she felt his fingers find her pussy lips, spreading her juices to lubricate her. She felt him thrust two, then three fingers into her. His thumb danced on her clit. As his fingers thrust up into her, so did his tongue. Toby’s thumb was demanding, dominating on her clitoris. Her hips moved against him, thrusting to and fro in sync with his fingers and tongue. Her body wrenched with her climax. She clenched her legs together, trapping his fingers deep inside her. She screamed.


Toby held her while she came. He kissed her gently. He brushed his lips over her breasts. She shuddered. Gradually, her rubber legs returned to normal. She put her arms around him and kissed him. She could feel his hard-on through his jeans. Terri rolled his shirt over his shoulders and arms. It fell to the ground. Her tongue moved down his chest to his naval and then to the tops of his jeans. She undid his belt and then the snap and zipper. His member stood at attention. She started to move around its head when she stopped in amazement. Along the top of his cock were two rings that pierced the skin. One was about two inches from the base and the other was about an inch and a half further down his shaft towards the tip. He flexed his swollen member and it expanded slightly in her hand. The rings stood perpendicular to his shaft. Terri looked up wonderingly at Toby, who only shrugged.


She slid her lips over his shaft to the first ring and raked her teeth along the sensitive foreskin. Toby let out a gasp. She continued to inhale/exhale his shaft. His breathing started to become ragged. He put his hands behind her head, pulling her down on his cock. She wrapped both hands around it so as to prevent her lips from being ripped over the rings. She could see his balls start to contract up into his sac and reached around to his ass, thrusting her middle finger into him. His cum spewed into her mouth, hot, salty. It leaked around the shaft and down over her lips. He continued to spasm, emptying more and more into her mouth. When he stopped, she withdrew and pulled his head down, kissing him, sharing his seed.


He was still erect. He gathered their clothes and wadded them to form a crude pillow. He then lowered Terri to the ground, positioning her hips and buttocks on the pile. He positioned his body over her and kissed his way down her body from her nipples to the top of her pubic hair. He then caressed the insides of her thighs, working his way up to the soft wetness of her pussy. His tongue probed deep into her opening. He pulled out, licking upward, past her clit. He then returned to her clitoris and sucked it suddenly into his mouth where his tongue beat upon it. Terri moaned and drew his head tighter to her loins.


Toby broke away and moved his head over her stomach to her breasts. As he sucked on her nipples, Toby’s cock entered her. He thrust forward, burying his member to the hilt. Toby started to rock in and out of Terri. He then rotated upward on his toes so that his hips were higher than Terri’s. He withdrew his shaft and Terri felt it slide upward across her clitoris. Bump, bump. The rings on his shaft grazed her clit. Toby thrust forward, again rocking her clit. He started moving in and out of her, always maintaining the contact with her clitoris. Three things happened: Terri came, screamed and passed out. When she came to, Toby was just withdrawing and their juices flowed out over her pussy and down over her ass. Toby started to lick her clean, but she stopped him when his tongue crossed her clitoris.


They lay there for a few minutes, allowing their breathing to return to normal. They then dressed and headed back to the pool, where they again shed their clothes and swam in their secret hiding place.

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