The Life of a Beginning Writer: #1 The Writing Calendar Planner (TWCP) Revised March 2020

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As a novice writer, I have been looking for the perfect book on "How to become a writer?" But, so many of the books I have read do not show a real "How to!" So, I have come up with a very simple schedule that works for me. #1: The Writing Calendar Planner


Entry 1: This article is in the progress of being updated. (3/5/20)


As a novice writer, I often find myself being attacked by my own Writing Dragon Police with the usual “Why are you not writing?” Since I have been using The Writing Calendar Planner, I have found it to be very informative and it has kept my Writing Dragon Police at bay. Besides, it has helped me take a real picture of my true sincerity to continue my writing journey. I am beginning to see a pattern of my best activities, topics, times and places that encourage me to write.

Also, have made a calendar to document my writing session which I have placed above my writing desk.  I have placed a similar chart at the top of each of my writing files to help me keep a record of checking in and out of my writing sessions. I will continue to take a baseline of my writing activities for the rest of the month to see if it is worth my effort.

Perhaps all those seasons writers, whose books I have read over the years, were correct in pointing out the importance of scheduling one's writing time the same way one would do with any job of true value.

See the sample below: 

Example of Topics that can be included in The Writing Calendar Planner:

  1. Rating Scale to rate topic or session: *1 Poor Experience all the way to *10 Best Experience

  2. Type of Group Activity: Publishing Group (PUB), Santa Maria Writing Group (SMWG)

  3. Place: park (PK), bus (B) or Burger King (BK)

  4. Word Count: (WC)

  5. Reader's Reactions: Name person (RR) and the reader can give you a rating scale score

  6. Type of work: internet research (IR), Reading (R), etc...

  7. Day and time: A.M. (A), P.M. (P)


Coming soon:

My Writing Calendar Planner and other ideas!






Submitted: September 20, 2018

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