Never Stop To Smell Flowers

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I wrote this poem while watching Sea Biscut (sp?) in history class after spending my lunch hour comferting one of my very good friends who just found out that after a long trek of suffering, her grandfather had hours to live. I'm not really sure what kind of poem it is, there is really no pattern or stucture, just a seaquence of sentences that I would like to say to her. Enjoy.

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



I hate to see you in pain

Your a wonderful person

You don't desurve it

I wish I could make it go away

Lock it in an emotional box forever

Only being able to open it a little when needed

Then you would keep it safe

It would be your own personal time capsole

Atleast he will no longer be in pain

I wish there was something I could do

I wish I could tell you that it will get better with time

That everything is going to be alright

That it wont effect your life in everyway

That you won't think about him everyday

Every night wondering if he can still see you

If there were two things that I could say to you

One of them would be that I will stand beside you in your time of need

The other one being that he is in a better place

It wont get better over time

You will just grow used to the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach

You will grow to smile at the happy memories

Keep your memories safe

The good and the bad

don't let them escape your mind or your heart

Hold them close

Use them when needed

Take the dosage that feels right

Make sure to think of him twice a day

Once in the morning

And once at night

Take the time to remind yourself of him

Day dream about the times you spent with him

Don't stop to smell the flowers

Stop to cry

Sometimes the empty feeling will ache uncontrolibly

Other times it will hurt

Just not as much




Do whatever feels right at the time

It is good that you miss him

It is a sign of love

No matter how much it hurts

Most importantly

Never forget

Remind yourself of one good thing about him when it is too hard to handle

I will always be with you

To the end

My friend.

© Copyright 2017 Joy Evans. All rights reserved.

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