Baby Be Happy

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Control your desires

Submitted: September 15, 2009

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Submitted: September 15, 2009



One day when Hari Paswan was cleaning his bicycle, his daughter came and said, “Father I need a mobile.”
“No, I won’t get it for you; you know that we cannot afford it. After so many years we have got rid of being untouchables, we have got the rights to study then you must study.” He replied.
“No, father, everyone is having it in my friend circle.”
“I can get one for you but can you promise me that you won’t ask for some other thing next time like:
I-pod, C D Player, and Scooter? These companies have employees whose job is only to think what you think and then they launch a product to cash that dream. Just see how people have become slaves of such artificial things. They have to take wine or sleeping or happy pills to get the sleep which we are getting free of cost.”
“Father, this I agree.”
“Good, girl, see when you have such things you have a very big network, which acts like a chess board and you are always engaged in planning how to develop different pieces. But for us we are having just a king and queen and my little pawn that is you and whom we will take to the other side of the board without any difficulty and with lot of caring and protection.”
“So, Father you want to say we should not interfere with our natural bodies?”
Yes, Now, I have to get late otherwise either I shall be getting a natural punishment in the form of scolding or artificial one typed ‘you are terminated from your job.” Both of them started laughing. He rode the rode the bicycle and left for his office.

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