Her Dreams

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Conflict of daydreamers

Submitted: September 09, 2007

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Submitted: September 09, 2007



Days are passing like years

Years have passed like days

I elected you at your first sight

But I couldn’t express my love


I think I waited for fogs to clear

To know was it infatuation or love

Its seems I longed to be with you

But I couldn’t express my desire


One good thing has happened

A realization I don’t suit you

We live for different dreams

Your dreams are too dear to you


Whenever I tried for breakup

Your beauty is so powerful

What to say of my true friends

Even God and enemies intercept


Why should we bear each other?

When our destination is near

You will loose only one admirer

Always I came to this conclusion


We both are burning with fire

Separation would act like ripples

Our blood circulates so speedily

Operating our hearts won’t affect


Your beauty I have already stolen

Through photos, talks and thoughts

I won’t replace an admirer for you

Your beauty will do on its own


I always proposed a deal with you

Let’s unite our dreams into one

Now I would fulfill both, Alone

Now we are not equator but poles

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