Her House

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I viseted her house for the first time on 7/5/7. I first encountered her on 7/10/97 broke up on 15/8/5

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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Submitted: May 07, 2007



I broke all promises

I wanted to see her home

The palace built by her father

A similar house she wanted from me

Reached her home inquiring

It was double story they told

I kept looking and imagining

The big houses in her locality

I measured the length by steps

It was double of mine house

Newly painted in cream color

Mine never painted after she left

On the roof was a spring

She must have swung high

Whenever I said I love you

Sat still fearing our future

The sides were having plants

So, she insisted me to grow some

Eyes searching dahlia she talked

The cactus, flowers she liked

A huge gate shaded by climbers

A board “Sales Tax Commissioner”

Giving a towering figure to her pa

Similar post she wanted me to get

Marbled floor with three cars

Two expensive, one with hooters

One bike, must be her brother’s

No bicycle that I drive even today

Big gallery, big rooms calligraphed

Big windows, attractive curtains

Father on the balcony in well fitted suit

Mother in sleeveless black gown

I guessed the inner decorations

So she wanted me to be a millionaire

I bowed my head in shame

Really she was a princess

She must have cried she got married

Never told she was leaving me

Did she ever desire to invite me?

A poor, coward, three years younger lover.

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