Her Thoughts

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20 lines. Can we divert our mind from our beloved's thoughts?

Submitted: May 13, 2007

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Submitted: May 13, 2007



I never felt such mental pull from anyone

Whether its day or night, morning or evening

I find myself talking to her in my mind

Like an electron revolving around the nucleus


Explaining my loneliness, my faults, my desires

Telling how she has brought changes in my life

Expressing my fears if she goes out of my life

Like electron, jumping on different orbits


I want to concentrate on my other works

My mind acts like a slave of her thoughts

Mental efforts turn fruitless to escape her slavery

Loosing peace like an electron’s energy after it jumps


After so many days of my efforts to woo her

Her emotions for me remain constant like a nucleus

Her heart hasn’t betrayed her, like a proton in nucleus

She reins her mind as nucleus controls its neutrons.


Will my thoughts too hover her like electron clouds?

Are my distractions symptoms of one-sided love?

When will force of repulsion act on my mind?

Will my love end like “the decay of an atom”?

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