How to Achieve One's Goal

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How to achieve goals/aims.

Once upon a time there was a student named Kamlesh Kaithwas. Wen he was in his B.Tech. final semester, he appeared in GATE examination to seek admission in M.Tech. in future. After examination, he told his parents, relatives, neighbors and friends that he shall be able to get a very good percentile. When the results were declared he found that he got very less marks and the reason might be he got many negative marks too. He started visualizing how everyone shall make fun of him, etc. He got so anxious that he rushed to his professor’s home and told he has also applied for Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Forest Service (IFS) and Indian Engineering Service (IES).
Prof. Jitendra Sonkar counseled him saying, “In today’s throat cut competition you should not fight for several competitions. Like if you are preparing for IAS, PCS, Bank P.O. and SSC Matric Level exams; then in IAS you will find questions based on state, national and international level, and suddenly in PCS you will find questions coming from district level too, and in Matric Level you will find mixed questions, etc. Thus, with every exam you will feel that ‘Oh, God, I missed the cut-off by 2, 3, 4, . . . questions. At first everyone will advice to apply for so many jobs from your family members to people of your acquaintance but if you are unable to succeed, then these very people will start saying, ‘What the hell do you do? You are unable to perform even a single exam?’ Thus, slowly you shall be led towards depression. Therefore, stand before the mirror and look into yourself, your nature, whether you want to have a car with ‘blue hooter,’ a simple life of a railway engineer and so on. Accordingly, you select one or at the maximum two exams and start preparing because if you choose many then in some you might be 50%, in other 70%, etc. and you and everyone feels that one day you will reach the required percentage of knowledge but no one can tell the exact time. Next, you have to remember that there are three possible ways through which you can achieve your goal.” The Prof. told the following points:
1) FIRE: Don’t tell everyone that you are preparing for that competition. Thus, a fire will keep burning in your heart and give strength for it and also protect you from those people who would like to create hurdles in your path. Thus, your target will remain in front of you like a pin point pupil and shall not get diffused.
2) REMINDERS/ALARM CLOCK:Tell everyone what you are preparing for and show as if you are going to qualify it this time itself. Now, whenever you shall again come across these people they shall ask about your preparations, shall give various suggestions and enemies might try to divert your mind from studies.
3) DECOYING: Tell everyone that you are preparing for X, Y, Z examinations but keep preparing for the one that you desire. Thus, if you are unable to qualify you can tell your near and dear ones that ‘what to do? It’s you people who advised me to apply for so many competitions. The enemies too will also remain happy and confused that ‘this fool will not be able to qualify any of the exams, he is himself trying self-immolation, let not waste time in disturbing him.’
Kaithwaas thanked the Prof. for the counseling and took his leave from him with a ‘fresh smile.’

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Good advise from the Professor, yet the best advise; Just trust in yourself, dedicate your efforts to your goal, & never give up!

Tue, September 25th, 2018 9:02pm

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