I Wanna Cry

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Life took a turn, I had never hoped.

Submitted: March 10, 2007

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Submitted: March 10, 2007



I was like a traveler

Crossing the desert,

I was like a visitor

Admiring the hills,

I was like a fish

Enjoying in a river.


You came in my life

Like an oasis in the desert,

Like a guide of those hills,

Like a tributary with sea.


I considered you my life partner

Therefore, I stopped my journey,

Therefore, I climbed the hilltop,

Therefore, I entered into the sea.


Later I realized your identity

You were a mirage in the desert,

You were a ghost of those hills,

You were salty water of that sea.


Why I longed for great things

Only a cactus was enough for shade,

Only few steps to feel the elevation,

Only a handful of water to swim.


O! God bless me with few tears

Tears do not come out in deserts,

As my eyes, itself have got dried up.

Tears do not come out on hills,

Gravitational force stops them from rising.

Tears do not come out in sea,

Salty sea water pushes them back

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