Lovely Flowers

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comparision of flower vs bosom

Submitted: September 23, 2007

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Submitted: September 23, 2007



Forests and orchards are losing ground

New saplings planted for greenery

But love for flowers has never ended

Because they are always beautiful to watch


Whether we are child or about to die

We always find flowers around

Whether it’s outside or even nuptial bed

Look and you find flowers all around


Even flowers have ages like human beings

Younger called ‘bud,’ older called ‘wrinkled’

Who would not like to have garden in home?

Kings, schools, roads, shops, all have flowers


We all can afford to have a garden

But fear who will look after them

Money is required for manure and gardener

Don’t we want get flowers without expenses?


If we don’t have flowers in home

We look in our neighbor’s garden

We sit in parks watching these flowers

Some flowers we know how they grew


So colorful and attractive they are to look

Green, Red, Purple, white, blue, yellow

But sometimes they don’t look attractive

It depends which cloth cover these flowers


Flowers dancing, swinging in the wind

Moving up and down as if wishing you

Some you can pluck others gardener decides

But we are allowed to watch lovely flowers

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