O! Mother Hide Me In Your Womb

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I feel even though slavery has been abolished and untouchability been banned ,these things are only on papers, somewhere they are still being practiced may be in a different method.

Submitted: September 14, 2007

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Submitted: September 14, 2007



O! Mother my dear mother

This world is very awful

Take me back in your lap

Hide me again in your womb

O! Mother I never told you

No one cares and loves me

As you did, yes mother always

No one is there to share my pain


Today he inquired of my caste

I didn’t lied to him, he was friend

Mama his face flushed at one

When he heard I am an untouchable


Evening I went in the mess for food

He came with his other friends

Look at him he is an untouchable

O! Mother I was alone in the crowd


I had taken bath before going there

Still they called me, “Dirty pig”

Mother I didn’t argued with them

I bowed and kept listening abuses


O! Mother they threw away my plate

Pulled me back when I wanted to leave

I trembled like a girl about to be raped

I wept, My head was trying to explode


I woke up on a stinking hospital bed

O! Mother body is aching too much

My wound bandaged, fracture plastered

Pillow hurts only your lap would relieve


Sister throws medicine from a distance

During there rounds doctors don’t stop

Ward boy throws food as if I am a dog

Hands ache come feed me with your hand


O! Mother I know father will beat me

He always says I don’t have patience

Last time he thrashed me in public

He said this way he saved me from them

My desire to live has evaporated

Like a water boiling in a container

Father always tries to freeze this vapor

But never tries to remove source of fire


No mother these disgrace will not end

Untouchabilty is illegal only on papers

No one can erase it from their minds

O! Mother please hide me in your womb

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