Sex and Politics

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Sex and Politics are the two sides of the same coin.

Submitted: November 22, 2009

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Submitted: November 22, 2009



Trust me, politics and sex are the only two words that hae been present in the ancient civilization, today and shall survive untill humanity lasts; no untill life exists whether in the form of plants, animals, humans, etc. Now, look around and you will see, wherever you are, politics in the form of building, land, people, even the plants, soil, anything. The soil may be fertile may be becuse of politics the land gets more water than the barren lands. It is not the politics which has become dirty but its we who have made it, why don't we go to cast our votes, along with our all the friends and family members eligible for votes. On the day of election we feel that the holiday is meant for resting, enjoing, picnic and then later we curse the governement policies. So we have the right for it if we haven't voted for anyone, its just like watching a movie and saying its good or bad, without being asked.
We say we want to change our county, the most simplest way is through ballots, that we don't want to touch, what new method have we invented? Good people don't contest then why don't we contest if you consider yourself to be good? Our votes not only affect the future of our near and dear ones but the whole nation.
Even if we see that the good candidate is not going to win, then to we should cast our votess in his favor, the number of votes shall highlight him, next time the parties may choose him as the party candidate. One of the main doubt comes when we don't understand, whether to vote for the party that has good agenda, or the good candidate or in the name of the leader a particular party. Here, I feel new party should be given the chance, its a family, everyone should have a chance and instead of opposing after loosing the elections the loosing party should help the winners. Just beware of the rumors at the last moment of elections, that the candidate has decided to support the othe contestant, our candidate has come to the winning position, why waste vote for the other, bullshit, remember unless the results are declared everything is in the hands of the voters. My one vote will not affect the election, this very mentality brings down the voting to fifty percent or even less. Our duty is to have a meeting with our family, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances and then decide for whom to cast our votes and on the day of voting keep reminding everyone to cast their votes.
Thus, if your supported candidate looses, you feel the pain of a broken heated lover and the victory gives you, the similar pleasure you have in the arms of your lover. You should not feel that it is not of your concern because you came not just like that, it were you yourself who defeated, fought, pushed, etc., out of millions of sperms to fertilize the ova. You became champion before you first saw the light, so you can say you don't have money, power, knowledge, every thing you have, the only thing is you have become lazy.
Now, lets come to sex, it is the 'universal language' understood not only by animals and humanss but also by the unicellular plants. If think more deeply, sex is present even in the non-livings in the form of positive and negative charges. I don't know whether the poisitve charge is male or is it female, that I leave to your common sense. Unnecesarily first it was made a taboo and form those 'chastity belts' and now the porn industries, web cameras, are destroying the the real pleasure of sex and the human bonding.
Hope to find your thoughts through comments. Enjoy!!!

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