True Lovers Die in Each Other's Arm

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Lovers have to face severe problems if they are from different race,color, class....

Submitted: September 13, 2007

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Submitted: September 13, 2007



The turtle won the race; his friends and media people were busy asking question, pushing their mikes near his mouth as murderers thrust the dagger in someone’s abdomen.

“Please, please, let me go”.

“One question only, did you take drugs before the race?”

“Shut uppp. Let me go”. His friends had now almost made a ring around him and were able to make way through the crowd.

Next morning at the breakfast table, “So instead of concentrating on your studies you are participating in races. Have you gone mad? They have money, color, future so they can afford to send their children for swimming, dancing, etc., to have a good physique. There women suffer from beauty complex, a wrinkle on the face and they are mad. They want privacy, make there children sleep in another room”.

 Later, while he was going to the school, a female rabbit joined him.

“Hi, thanks a lot.”

“For what? Who are you?”

“Oh! Yesterday you defeated my fiancé in the race. His sleep and defeat was a sight of epiphany for me. I have realized that he is very selfish, he felt sleepy so he didn’t cared for the race. He didn’t care how his victory or defeat will affect the whole rabbit society”. She said

“No, actually you whites have always looked down upon us, you think that we blacks are the sinners and you can teach us good lessons by ruling over us. This defeat is not new; my ancestors have been regularly defeating whites in long races”. The turtle replied.

“No, I haven’t heard it before. Where has been this written”. She was trying to control her steps to move with the turtle.

“How will you find those things in history books? We were under your rule, so why would you mention such defeats in your history books. We are wining gold medals for our country in athletics for our country, so does it mean that we never won races”.  He said.

Now they both started meeting regularly. She broke her engagement, she was never happy with the selection made by her parents. Her fiancé was her close relative, and marriage was fixed easily, so that property should not pass to strangers. A lot of firework took place between the two families and simultaneously showered on her.

The fire extinguished only when she said, “I would commit suicide in such a manner that it would appear as a homicide. I would make so many death notes and would post them to different authorities that my life is not safe and take action. I don’t care whether you all are hanged after my death or you have to empty the bank balance to bribe these authorities”.

One fire ended and another lit, this time in there hearts. The news had already reached there homes, she concluded from the comments that they all want to say only one thing, “You are a prostitute”.

On the other hand, turtle was not only heard from his family members that, “These whites would have lynched you in the past, even for looking at there females. Today on paper we have certain rights and so they have changed there methods. So be careful, they will not leave you”. Her fiancé and his friends soon intercepted him but before they could have hurt him, he hid himself completely under his shell.

One-day people gathered around them when behind a bush they both were kissing each other. She was lying upside down; her fore legs were stroking his face. The turtle was sitting on the opposite direction, his neck stretched, placed over her forehead and lips over lips. His forelegs were unable touch her silken white hair; fruitlessly he continued trying to touch them.

Soon the shouts and abuses brought them to their senses. She at once got on her legs; the people were coming closer and closer. The turtle shouted, “Run, run fast don’t worry about me”. She moved a few steps back, to take a small run so that she could jump over them and escape. The turtle saw a rabbit had thrown a stone aimed at his face, so before it could hit him he moved his head under the shell.

He suddenly heard the whisper of his beloved; he peeped a bit and found her eyes filled with tears. He shouted anxiously, “What are you doing? They will kill you”. “No, I can’t leave you alone. Where would a beloved hide in this world, if her lover is killed because of their true love”.

He couldn’t understand what to do, stones were now hitting her this time aimed by the turtles. The rabbits were trying to stop the turtles from hitting her. He said hold my hands and lift me”.

She did it and soon he was standing erect like a man on his hind legs, she at once hugged him tightly, both cried, sobbed, kissed, cried, kissed, sobbed, kissed, kissed, kissed, kissed.. He had now turned his back towards the people.

His beloved was in his arms, why would they both care for the people. They had understood that they were one of the luckiest lovers on this earth, only true lovers are able to die in each other’s arm.

Society can never tolerate such scenes, union of lovers, and happiness of couples. All of them forget there colors, race, class, caste, age, gender and moved towards the lovers giving the perfect example of universal brotherhood.

A priest shouted, “Kill them, they are mating before us, send these Adam and Eve to Almighty God, so that he can burn them in the fire of hell. Lets turn them out of our paradise, come on, it’s a crusade, all your sins will be forgiven by this single act. Remember God has done the same to the sinners. It a free ticket to Heaven, come on, don’t waste time”.

Kicks and sticks started raining over them form all sides. They fell down, now flood flowed freely from her eyes and different part of her body. Turtle’s only head was bleeding. They tried to separate them but it seemed that not only their body but also even their souls have united.

Then they rolled their bodies with their legs, laughing, abusing, mocking, spitting, and kicking into the small pond, in the park itself. As water touched their bodies they again came to their senses, they hugged each other more tightly.

 First time the turtle realized that the society acts just like the hard shell over his back, which you can never get rid off whatever you may do. Only in the arms of loved ones or on places where society can’t reach, one gets peace. She thought this time her parents would have forcefully married her to any rabbit, with double, triple dowry, to get rid of her, another kind of death sentence. Their bodies kept moving down in the water  but their souls kept moving out of their bodies in the upward direction, uniting like smoke.


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