Two Business Ideas

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Business without investment.!!!

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Today, I was thinking that is it possible to start a business without any investments? then suddenly an idea clicked in my mind. yes, its so simple.

1-The English language population is growing throughout the planet. One of the major problems people suffer is that of bad handwriting. So, if someone can improve the writing and then help in improving others then lots of people shall like to change theirs, only if the practice needs to be done in very short duration.

2-The hitech revolution has served as a boon but also lots of problems have been noticed. One of them is that of the children sticking to the television sets for watching cartoon and playing video games and also of course internet. Thus, parents often seemed worried about the effects of radiations on the eye sights, time and brain of their children. thus, if someone can start a programme, where the children can be made to spend some hours a week. They simply need to be read, explained, recited, the fairy tales, histories, etc., consisting of humor, moral lessons, etc., then that person could easily earn a handsome amount of money. Later, he can make partners who can invest money and then branches can be opened.

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