What She Wants

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Thoughts of Lovers

Submitted: April 30, 2007

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Submitted: April 30, 2007



She remembers me day and night

She still wants to know how I am now

She is confused whether I still love her

She wants to know where I am now

She was never happy after separation

She wants me to come she is waiting for me

She wants to come herself and accept her faults

She scolds her heart not to beat like past days

She gets sad when see sees lovers in the park

Sitting hand in hand, leaning on each other

She gets jealous when she sees couples on road

Laughing, constantly moving closer and away

She wants me with her when she watches in movies

Lovers playing together, kissing, hugging, ……….

She looses control on herself when she lies to sleep

Weeps regularly, occasionally finds me in dreams

She wants to leave behind everything and everyone

She often wants to come running to unite with me

She wants to fight the whole world to get me back

She keeps searching ways to come closer to me

She avoids those girlfriends who ask about me

She lies to them “Don’t ask me again and again

I was kidding, still waiting for my dream boy”

I wonder! When will such thoughts of her

Stop haunting me, and let me start a new life.

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