When She Was With Me

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In Love Feelings

Submitted: April 27, 2007

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Submitted: April 27, 2007



Age seemed reduced by many years

Face always blushed with uncontrolled smiles

Like a newly wedded wife on nuptial bed

I enjoyed every moment of the day

From morning itself, I played love songs

At full volume without caring anyone

Favorite songs repeated several times a day

Singing them to myself as if she was within me

I spent hours standing before mirror

Combing and setting hair in different styles

Guessing which gestures of mine, she likes most

Practicing how to hold her hand

How I will hug her, how I will stroke her hair

Planning and purchasing new clothes

Started exercises to reduce my tummy

Brushing teeth before going to meet her

Considered them friends, who listened me

Hated everyone who warned and stopped me

Getting sad and sometimes even wept

Whenever I found her tensed for whatever reason

Never thought what will happen to my carrier

My printed assignments always covered with red remarks

Always reached and waited hours before she reached

I avoided crowd, came closer to the nature

Loved to watch flowers, birds, trees and ….

Always praying to see her in every dream

Started offering prayers to God daily

Day and night, I wanted to be with her

Whole life I wanted to live for her

Now I drink and smoke in my dark room

Day and night one duty, to console my broken heart

Who whines for milk, like a newborn baby in my lap

I am his mother, with no milk in my breast for him.

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