Stay With Me

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Submitted: January 21, 2018

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Submitted: January 21, 2018



She glimpsed at me and said “Want to go see Aunt Heidi?”

“Would I ever!” 

We drove home. I literally ran from the elevator, down our hall and swung our door open. 

Aunt Heidi knelt on the carpet where Erik, maybe nineteen months old, pushed Lego pieces together. She touched his head and rose beside our patio door. Younger, her skin was flawless and glowing, her hair long and flowing. 

“Follow me,” She said as she led me to our porch. 

Sunshine hit my face and almost blinded me from a large wooden planter, resting on the cement. Inside, pink daises waved in a gentle breeze. Green vines with snap peas and roses twisted around stakes. Bushes with plump tomatoes gleamed in the sun. Even trees with large lemons and limes filled the box. 

“Wow, Aunt Heidi,” I said. “I am not a green thumb. How did you do this? I’ve only been gone an hour.” 

“Give them love. They will grow.” She crouched beside the tray, dug her hands into the soil. Slipped a green shoot between her fingers. 

Erik toddled to her. She turned and clasped his hands, her gaze on his blonde curls and toothy grin. 

I started to cry. “I wish you would come see us more.”

“But I do see you.” She kissed his cheek and stood. “I watch over you every day.” 

She embraced me. I hugged her hard, trembling. Tears slipped from my eyes and hit her shoulders. 

“Stay with me.” I whispered. 

“I will. Won’t be long. You will hug me again.”

Her body vanished, leaving the wind hitting my face and arms where I had held her. Erik grasped my legs and glanced up at me. 

I giggled as he tugged at my pants.

“My happy little man. You bring me so much joy.” I laughed through my loss. I smiled through my pain. 


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