focas on tarantulas

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all about tarantulas from a focus point of view

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



focus on tarantulas

which name ?

Known as tarantulas or bird eating spiders to americans and europe, they are called baboon spiders in africa.

In central america they are sometimes called horse spiders, their bite was falsely believed to make a horses hoof fall off.

life cycles 

the red knee tarantular (brachypelma smithi) is known for gaurding there eggs, female tarantulas are knwon for living for more than 20 years and lay eggs at regular cycles off there life, when they become adults, after mating they may wait several months before laying there eggs.

floor walkers

voilet black tarantulas live on the floor of the Amazon rainforest, these spiders are active and impressive hunters, they do not build webs or burrows and live out in the open.

feeding time

tarantulas usually feed on insects, the aricularia metallica tarantula`s colour is a brown body with a red and black abdomen and likes eating a katydid, an insect like a grass hopper, large tarantulers are able too take much larger prey, such as birds and snakes, they are slow eaters and take there prey back to there burrows or webs to feed.

fearsom fangs

tarantulas have large,hollow fangs that pump out venom as the spider bites, most tarantulas bite with a sideways pinching movement, tarantulas bite down with force like a pickaxe.

tarantular bodies

essentially a tarantular`s body has the same parts and works in the same way as other spiders, it`s eyesight is poor and it detects prey and danger with many sensitive hairs that covers the body, unlike other spiders a tarantulacan flick prickly hairs off it`s abdomen if it`s threatened or attacked, on the ends of it`s legs are brushes of hairs that help it to climb on smooth surfaces and these hairs let the tarantula walk on water.

overall knowledge

The biggest,hairiest spiders are often called tarantulas or bird eating spiders.the large spiders we call tarantulas are all members of the family theraphosidae, the true tarantula however is called the wolf spider from southern europe, there are 800 species of tarantula living in the warm or hot places over the world, many live in burrows while some are called tree dwellers.although they look scary most tarantulas are shy, timid creatures and are harmless to people, a few can give a very painful bite but there poison is not deadly to people.

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