A Dove's Tale

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A Story with a thousand meanings

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012



Have you ever heard the tale of the white dove?
Once upon a time a white dove was born,
To two pigeons in a flock he came from love,
He was one of a kind in the color he did adorn,

He learned to fly but was often forgotten,
Then one day a storm tore him away,
Into the sea he was thrown like something rotten,
Then some seagulls decided on him they’d prey,

He let them attack fearing worse,
For countless miles they didn’t relent,
Then the storm came and took away the curse,
But it only allowed another to catch his scent,

This one was worse than those from before,
It followed to his paradise and never ceased,
It followed him through the years he did explore,
He decided to fly once more out into the East,

That thing followed and pushed him lower,
Towards the merciless crashing waves,
He started to flap so much slower,
It would be so easy to join the watery graves,

Then out of nowhere it shrieked,
A dove black as night and just as scary,
Through the storm it always streaked,
Leading all to the sunshine prairie,

They are still chased by that thing,
But together it can't do anything but follow,
Always at the ready wanting to snap their wings,
Their futures it aspires to swallow,

Those two stop each other from being friendless
Flying into the sunset that is endless.

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