My opinion on Obama


Your appointment had us filled with hope,
The promises so grand promised change,
Now some might say you are a dope,
But we both know that your ways are a bit strange,
How could any man in power lie?
No there is now way that you take,
There is no way that democracy will die,
Your smiling face honest as a snake,
I see the lines around your graying hair,
I understand your task has been hard,
It is so hard to sit in that chair,
Having to decide whom to bombard,
How you manage to keep your calm,
On that television show while they joke,
About the new war on Islam,
I don’t know but I’m just a common folk,
You stand as a beacon of hope,
You win an award for all that you did,
A week into the job and none did mope,
About the man who would’ve won that bid,
You made good on those pledges,
No one is sad or without a job,
There is no one alone on the edges,
How can they say our rights you did rob?
You spend so much time thinking,
Always on the green grass,
Finding a way to stop the sinking,
Taking a few to raise a glass,
I don’t need an education,
The poor don’t need food,
No not in your nation,
Our love for you hasn’t been skewed,
If I had a say I’d let you go again,
Four more years of change,
A future where we pay in yen,
All this you will arrange,
Thank you your excellency.

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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