An ordinary man, Damon, finds his whole world turned upside down. A nuclear explosion has decimated Los Angeles and Damon becomes one with an amazing robotic suit. Along the way he picks up some friends as he tries to make sense of what has happened.

Table of Contents


A man's journey through a war zone. Read Chapter

How It All Began

I awoke, slowly I opened my eyes and turned to the side of my bed to get up. I really didn’t want to get up but I had an important pres... Read Chapter

The Suit

There it was, at first glance I thought it looked like a oddly small hazmat suit. It was much thinner than the others, but the thing that... Read Chapter

Road's Beginning

Now I'm not really a coward, but that groan sent shivers of frost straight to the very core of my being. I couldn't hide in here forever,... Read Chapter

New Friends

I woke with a start, I looked around momentarily forgetting where I was. I had a dream that I was back in my home only I wasn't alone the... Read Chapter

Getting Closer

----------------------------------------------Hunter----------------------------------------------------- I was running from them. I ... Read Chapter

First Enemy

God this tunnel seems to go on forever I thought somewhat dejectedly for probably the millionth time since we entered into the darkness. ... Read Chapter

BLADE's Origins

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the title tells this chapter will deal mostly with BLADE but will delve into Hunter's life as we... Read Chapter