A terrible camping trip

I am sitting by the heat of the wondrous fire,
Watching the flames as they grow higher,
I look into the night and see the stars,
So far away from the trains, planes, and cars,
Burning my lungs, I breathe the cold air,
And listen to the animals out there,

The flames glow bright and loudly crack,
But then I jumped as I felt a shiver at my back,
I quickly turn and see two orbs so bright,
Gone in a flash, maybe a trick of the light,
The air grows colder and my body more tense,
There is nothing, says my common sense,

I pull a jacket on, trying to keep so warm,
Then I hear the beginnings of a terrible storm,
I rush to my tent, after putting the fire out,
Completely sure there was nothing about,
The rain starts and gently on my roof it falls,
Like a distressed and mourning lover it calls,

In the distance I hear a howl so very eerie,
I bundle up, after walking all day I’m weary,
Before I can even close my eyes, I hear it,
My anxiousness grows more than a little bit,
A panting noise begins, so very close,
I shrink closer like an old wilting rose,

Closer to the tent it come, closer to me,
I look around for a way to become free,
I rush out of the tent and turn to take a look,
My peace of mind and breath it really took,
There it was, a red wolf with eyes white as snow,
Opening those jaws, those killer fangs did show,

I ran into the night forgetting the falling rain,
I stumbled a few times, feeling the pain,
Soon I made it to the security that is my car,
Not realizing that I had run quite that far,
I could hear it growling closer so I began to drive,
Scared as I was, never had I felt so alive,

I came up to my house and ran too the door,
It was locked, and I was dead I was so sure,
I ran down the street into a large group,
They were standing around eating some soup,
But they made no move, almost like they didn’t see,
I stood with my mouth open wondering how could it be,

Then the wolf appeared, moving through the crowd,
Like a knife through butter, through them it plowed,
It came up to my face and all I saw were its teeth,
Then I fell into the darkness that lies underneath,

Submitted: November 27, 2012

© Copyright 2023 JoykBoy. All rights reserved.

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