Wrote this about a boy in my class.


Like a fantasy come true,
You walked through the door,
I could not help but stare at you,
All of a sudden through my body it tore,
It left me incapable of thought,
Is this love?
It told me you are the one I sought,
Is this love? 
When you touched me you set my skin on fire,
You put my mind in a haze,
You left me in a state so dire, 
The feeling has me in a daze,
Is this love? 
I am so confused that no one can see,
Those lips so perfect and inviting,
Those eyes that call me into their endless depths,
Skin so beautiful that it defies reality,
Can anything set me free?
Is this love?
How do I deal with the desires that plague me?
To feel your heartbeat against my own,
To hold you close through the night,
To caress you as you open your eyes in the morning,
To be your shoulder to cry on,
I want you to talk to me about the things no one else can know,
Will I ever have the courage to ask can it be?
Is this love?
These days have become months and you still don’t realize,
Everytime that you look away I hurt,
That this feeling grows stronger but my dream fails to materialize,
Everytime that you act so curt,
You make my world so bleak,
Is this love?
I want to tell you but it’s so hard,
Knowing that my sentiments are probably not going to be returned,
I was hoping you would understand with this card,
Please don’t allow me to be burned,
Is this love?
They say what I feel is wrong,
They say to love you is depravity, 
But at this point I don’t care,
You are my love,
You can break me,
You can make everything beautiful,
You are my lovely tormentor,
The rest is up to you.


Submitted: November 11, 2012

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